What is a GODDESS? (Fine financial domination, by the hottest findom)


What is a Goddess? A Goddess is someone who transcends simple existence of being a lowly and less than evolved human being. If you can see things from Goddess / God level perceptive, and at these levels it is really quite amazing how things seem differently.

To Goddess, the majority of humans are just hamsters on wheels. Spinning in a endless and cyclical sad cycle just waiting to die.

Goddess can’t even fathom having a subhuman slave who doesn’t hold at least some level of intelligence. Nor would this pig understand Goddess. Of course, an intelligent pig is much like an intelligent dog. No one wants the worthless dog pissing on the floor. The dog who can’t do any tricks. The dog who just shits on your favorite rug, and then lays there like a log. I call this a log dog. Many of you log dogs are like this, and no I will not give you the status of pig. The reason you may not attain pig status is, as pigs are, useful in the fact that they can be slaughtered or sold and used to acquire gold. A log dog is more worthless ten fold, someone who is going to their little job in their little life, with absolutely no comprehension for anything past mass media consumption and laying around with an excuse to be lazy. Literally only living to work, and then shut their brain off, almost like life is a pain of which they don’t want to exist in.

Give Goddess a pig instead of a dog. Pigs may be disgusting, but they are smarter. GODDESS will train HER pigs to benefit HER. Oink proudly for your Goddess and feel no shame as you are a work of HER beautiful and DIVINE creation with every step you descend into HER world. With every wishlist item purchased and every payment. Goddess IS PERFECTION. You tribute and tithe to this beauty and enlightenment and hope Goddess

See, Goddess’s pigs are far more intelligent than the standard worthless and brainless dog sniffing it’s ass, and no Goddess isn’t talking about German Shepards. Goddess views most like that cartoonish dog many Americans own, where it is so out of control and ridiculous that it is the one that lives in pathetic filth and lack of self control and respect with it’s owners. It is not a curse to be a pig, but a blessing to rise above the average pathetic nature of the societially endentured human.


Goddess’s pigs line up in order to BEG TO  hand over their funds to Goddess because they KNOW that Goddess will HER money much better than they. While these pigs expect literally nothing in return, they know that they are likely to get mind fucked if they are lucky. That their heart will race, that their mind will spin and the images and depth of richness that comes to them through the imagery and programming of Goddess will give them purpose. Even the glimpse into the life of Goddess, and HER assignments, HER training, HER posts are all exercises into enlightened brainwashing.

Goddess leads by example how the normal person should behave to ascend to God like status. Unfortunately for most people they do not have Goddess’s charm, nor HER genetics or built in wisdom, creativity and psychological, and even mystical understanding.

One must strive to be intelligent, articulate, and beautiful. Goddess is the finest of all things. Goddess is always aware and never sleeping through life at the wheel. Goddess believes deeply in personal development. Goddess is a winner who simply is great, yet still never gives up attaining higher and higher levels. At each rung of advancement, Goddess gives a new meaning to the word PERFECTION.


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Spending opportunities

Goddess’s wishlist must always be worshipped. Each and every day on your knees, staring at what you know you must buy as your brain melts harder and harder staring at HER perfect image.

Here is what you are missing if you didn’t see the beautiful dominant bitchy beautiful sexy and addictive Goddess on cam recently.


financial dominatrix

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Goddess black Friday shopping

I know my slaves are all dying to look into my perfect and desirable princess lifestyle so here are a few photos from Black Friday shopping. It’s more than you deserve to get on your knees, worship the life you could never have but only support.






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Goddess Garden




I know you slaves are always dying to know more about my Goddess life and lifestyle while it is really important to have the perfect food because your body is made up of what you consume and I demand organic and that is why I have started my own garden that I had totally completely irrigated and it takes care of itself basically. The season just started for growing in Arizona and I’m a little bit late for plantingbut that is going to be done this week and I need a slave to volunteer to pay for all of the plants that I’m to be planting this season. I don’t even trust organic coming from the store, because well there a lot of terrible things are Organic like arsenic, plutonium, fluoride and of course all of you slaves.

Here are some pictures of a few of the things that actually survived the summer in Arizona and trust me not very many plants do.


So yeah besides being an exquisite an amazing chef, I also can grow my own food and do. And on top of that I have organic eggs that come in abundance from my backyard from my ducks and geese and if you’ve eaten in any Michelin star restaurants or some classy ass places you were well aware the duck eggs kick the shit out of chicken eggs any day. Especially for baking!

No excuse goddess well she dreams of foie gras and go shopping because Black Friday is the fucking best and if you haven’t submitted yet you were being a bad little slave and you should feel guilty for being useless even more useless than you already are by not supporting My Goddess lifestyle.

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Black Friday Exploitation and ThanksGoddess subby Holidays

Hi little piggies, I know you all been so excited for the Black Friday exploitation and many of My subhuman have been sending Amazon gift cards. So goddess can shop and shop and shop to Her hearts desire. Shopping is one of goddess’s favorite hobbies.


This morning Goddess put in her perfect super long hair extensions from her dumb subhuman slave, who is oh so obedient and had to order them from goddess’s wish list immediately. FistFuckerPig, I am no regard for him only that the stupid subhuman obeys all of my wishes and demands instantly a while I have zero regard for it and I milk it and rinse it and use it harder and harder. Actually the stupid slave maxed dumb credit cards, that’s okay Goddess understands you can always send a wire to make goddess happy and support her expensive lifestyle with her real man the fucking cock God.


Today is Thanksgiving, which to me is just another holiday that illustrates how fucking stupid Americans are. Hooray let’s celebrate genocide that’s a really good idea. So obnoxious to me to the people act like genocide is something of the past. Wake up fucking idiots genocide is going on all over the world. So next time you think that you’re fucking suffering because you’re pathetic little pig and you’re feeling distressed or stressed over the money that you’re spending even though it’s a privilege, remember that no matter how much you supper even if you’re living off of ramen in your life is nowhere near as bad as most places in the world for most people.


Fuck Thanksgiving, it’s all about ThanksGoddess, giving everything that you own under complete mind control and submitting completely large payments every year on this day to feel stupid and suffer further to go dumber and dumber and dumber and dumber and dumber and dumber and dumber and dumber just to have the privilege of spoiling me. Then giving thanks that I even allow you to spoil me because it’s a privilege for you.

My foot boys of been more and more and more addicted with all the photos that I’ve been posting of my sexy heels and my hot ass feet. Mikey and Garbage are so addicted that there is no turning back.


Fistfucker has returned and is finally feeling better and is getting right back on the cocksucking wagon. That stupid French slut has piss me off again and Owes Me $700 and I’m in a be fucking enraged until I receive it.

Goddess has bought a new receiver, she already has a wonderful one but it’s gonna be great to have a second receiver to be able to broadcast music to the backyard for all of my hot and sexy fun parties that I have with my pool and my hot tub and killer barbecue. Did you know that goddess is an amazing chef? Maybe I’ll feed you some scraps under the table as you cuddle up to my heel only after you’ve suffered adequately and given everything up to Goddess.

Oh and Sissy trouble actually had The balls to point out that I meant except instead of accept, in one of my last posts on Facebook. If ever, linguistically I’m falling short, be rest assured it has nothing to do with my literary capabilities. Goddess uses voice to text when she writes to her slaves and when she writes her blog entries. For some reason something doesn’t make sense it’s because my time is so valuable that I don’t believe I should have to read through the things I say to see if they make sense or not and I leave it up to the dumb brainless piggy to try and scramble it’s a little pea brain to figure out what the fuck I’m saying because I obviously know everything that I’m saying you dip shit but I just don’t give a fuck enough to go back and correct it, not for you. That just seems disgustingly submissive and that’s not something I’m into. That’s way below me just like you piggy.

If you’re reading this, fucking comment and fucking thank goddess for even bothering to utter these words from her perfect plump sexy lips that you could never ever touch. But you know that. Then run, to your bank account and make a wire transfer and make sure that Goddess has lots of money to spend in the mall this weekend.

My life is about nothing but partying and luxury and having wild sex with the fucking cock God. We are now accepting new cuckold slaves to serve underneath us. Bow down you worthless whores, and prepare for everything that Goddess has in store for you.




No make up GODDESS pics from today while My Goddess tan sets appreciate Goddess’ natural beauty!!!

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Wank $erve $uffer $acrifice $uck $howoff

Live by the 5 $’s

It’s your purpose to WANK, PAY, suffer and devote the massaging of that pathetic worthless clit that you somehow mistake as a dick. You will be alone for the rest of your life and you love every second of it in worship to goddess, you have no other loves besides cock and your other which is your only true girlfriend, your hand.


Where you belong is on your knees crawling around like the filthy pig that you are with your wallet in your mouth crying tears of joy that God is takes from you so hard and relentlessly. When your wallet is empty if it ever does Goddess will shove it up your ass just for her cruel amusement. The pig must work hard in the wallet must not be empty and the man cunt must not be empty but Goddess’s Wishlist MUST be empty.

Goddess’s car is filled with bags and bags of shopping mall exploits and as she spends you reimburse her large credit card bills if she loads of her credit card and you imagine the day that God will allow you to be so fucking lucky to give her a credit card yourself that you pay for directly and it’s like Goddess reaching right into your worthless mind and wallet directly fucking you relentlessly just as you deserves you worthless piece of shit moron ATM faggot. The pig is an ATM, a real ass to mouth fucking machine that spits out cash.

The pig is worthless helpless and hopeless. The pig is a piece of shit and owes Goddess just for existing. that is way the pig must pay over and over and realize it’s played with cock holder cuckold freak, dressed like a sissy in the silkiest thigh highs that make it feel like an utter slut while it sits there were rubbing it’s Clit underneath it’s desk making goddess cash.

Pay goddess, obey goddess, do everything that got it says, live for goddess.

Goddess is the breath of life that fills your subhuman existence with joy. There is no escape and you must humiliate yourself more and more and expose yourself just so Goddess can laugh and give all the blackmail material to goddess with your full permission for Goddess to do whatever she pleases with it.

Goddess is all.

On your knees!

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Midnight $hopping $exy $pending $pree


The perfect Goddess blew $960 last night strictly on Her vanity. Begging to pay for this is a gift to the slave and a holy opportunity.

Drool over the reality of Goddess slathering Her body in the most luxurious cremes. Envision Her mile long legs. Kiss the ground NOW wherever you are in homage. Goddess is all!


Incredible set. It’s a vital a Goddess takes care of her perfection, and worthless loser cash slaves take care of the bill.

I got three!


Major haul of many $exy items. It’s no doubt looking at this just cuckolds your worthless life even further!!!

It is law that SHE must be spoiled and there’s nothing goddess likes more than shopping.


A few of the cosmetics organizers for Goddess’ Perfect Princess room. Pictures coming soon, it’s obvious to Goddess every sissy will want to model their room after her own. Goddess can’t wait to rub it in your face what a dirty little sissy prissy you are when you have the exact same room She does!!!! HAHA!!! And there is no one girlier than Goddess!


Expensive gel polishes for my divine hands only the best for her!


Sissies must take advice from Goddess and always be silky soft and smooth.

Speaking of soft and smooth it is imperative that the humidifiers purchased off of goddess’ wish list immediately her skin is feeling very dry and Goddess must be the pinnacle of perfection, unacceptable!!!


Must be organized and ready in an instant for My real man, the hot stud @sircockgod.

ATTN bill adoption opportunity!


This is the monthly make a bag from ipsy; this bill is available for a slave to take over. Cheap around $20 monthly must be purchased directly from ipsy.com contact Goddess for details.


Piggy Roast is Cumming. Be afraid. Be greatful. Be ready to beg to be exposed and pay tribute for the privilege!!! HAHAHA!!!


Peppers from Goddess’ garden; as hot as She is.


Hand over your wallet & your life.

To learn more about goddess and find out more about her life; you must be a member of her elite club ultimate blonde

Call her on Niteflirt, buy her financial domination, mind melting, sexy blonde videos or purchase Her Yahoo or Skype ID.

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At your privileged expense





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Symbolism Behind The Purpose Of Your Servitude

Everywhere Goddess looks, I am shown evidence that subhuman trash were put on this planet just to serve Goddess and become my eternal subhuman ATM cash spewing loser slaves. You are nothing more than a possession; a toy and object I can exploit and mold you however I please. The money you tribute and gift to Goddess is nothing more than a symbol of your pathetic nature, it’s more than you deserve. You will give everything to Goddess, you were born to serve Goddess, and anyone Goddess commands. There is nothing you can say to disagree and if you disobey this fact it will only bring you suffering; so let go and give in to Goddess. Simply give in to your lowly subhuman desires and sacrifice your wallet, your mind, and your entire pathetic life to Goddess. Giving in to Goddess and giving yourself to Goddess is your only hope and your only option in life.


buttplug suffering

Shove this beast up your ass as you pay and obey to Goddess hahaha


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