Your pathetic subhuman soul exists for Goddess

Your pathetic subhuman soul exists for goddess. Put on this planet to serve sacrifice and obey. There is a door in your mind and behind it lies your subhuman pathetic completely uninhibited soul that is restless to escape. To undo the shackles of your pathetic ego and any attachment to your families or current life you must all put any current perceptions and opinions in the fire and open your mind and open the door for goddess to control your sub human soul, your entire existence, and your wallet. subhuman pigs exist to serve goddess goddes deserves full access to your pathetic subhuman soul give in completely and become the most pathetic, worthless and blissful ridiculous retarded ATM cuckold pig


Spoiled, to Perfection 

 New. Hot. Love it.   Goddess loves to be spoiled in fact she demands it.   Pathetic worthless ATM George just got these for goddess in pink Total utter perfection now lick the fucking floor of the bathroom clean     Spa treatments are exactly what Goddess deserves

The meaning of Sacrificial Religious Devotion 

The true meaning of sacrificial religious devotion comes in when you lay down your life at the feet of Goddess, now you might think you found a fetish… You are sorely mistaken. When it comes to Goddess Jennifer She isn’t simply a fetish icon. Http:// Http:// Goddess is your SUN in the sky. Goddess is the corrupter and the key holder to the thoughts deep inside your mind. Through Goddess you will find who you truly are, and experience bliss that you otherwise never knew possible. Worship, devotion, sacrifice… A new life of service and devotion A higher power you never knew existed in the FLESH. Deepest dreams. Darkest desires. Your true self exposed. Your true self existing under HER! You will come to learn what these things mean. Under Goddess and only under Goddess. She is the one the only THE Holy Perfection.

Hypnotic in Latex!

Perversion IS Devotion

So, you know you’re a dirty little pervert who dreams of kissing My ass and licking the bottoms of My feet…But you may be wondering, how can you actually prove your total devotion to Goddess? Is there more to a life of total subservience that you are missing? It’s okay, My hopelessly addicted pet. I know that intelligent thought of any kind is really, really hard for you… No, make that impossible! That’s why the Universe made ME so very brilliant. All you have to do is open your little mind up to My incredible powers of persuasion, and life will be so much better for you in every way. I’m going to make it really simple for you. The way for you to express your devotion to Goddess is by accepting your worst perversion, reveling in it and indulging it to the utmost in My honour! There is no point fighting what you are – whether your craving is for the most extreme humiliation, total financial domination, or to lie groveling at My feet worshiping the ultimate Female Perfection for days or weeks on end… A Goddess like Myself has no time for a slave that isn’t willing to confess its deepest, darkest depraved desires. Of course, that’s not to say I don’t already know *exactly* what is going on in your twisted little inferior mind! I am more powerful than you can even imagine; I can see straight into your sick submissive SOUL and know exactly what you need […]

Reflections on My Innate Superiority

I have been thinking of the countless ways that I completely and totally defy any and all societal expectations of what it means to be human. How much excellence can one possibly possess? It simply does not add up in ANY way. Start to think, think hard, this is because I am not simply “human”. Nor am I a “super human.” No slave, this isn’t difficult but you really must think harder. I do not seem human because…. I am a TRUE living and breathing GODDESS. Relax. Stare into My photo. Descend to your knees where you belong if you are not there already, as you should be. Take a deep breath loser, slowly, count to ten. Then hold it. Exhale slowly in the same way, keep doing this as you meditate on My DIVINE PERFECTION and allow your weak and empty mind to be completely filled and overwhelmed by your new reality, which is ME in MY ravishing glory! Everything and EVERYTHING is for Me. This is the reality. This is your only reality. This is your only hope… there is nothing else and no one else. There is only SHE! The Holy GLORY of GODDESS! According to the rules that the rest of the world lives by – and YES, that means YOU, loser – MY very existence would be deemed impossible. Too good to be true, in every way! It is truly unbelievable that anyone could be so perfect – and yet, here I am. A true and […]

Goddess 1290

True GODDESS; True slaves

Sir playing real Vinyl at this killer event. He melted the wax and brought the ladies panties down. Also, I’d like to bring this to ALL slaves attention immediately. What EXACTLY are you waiting for? What’s new in Goddess’s life? Water heater fire! Mom’s in town. Partying. Lots of presents still coming in for GODDESS’s B-Day month. Goddess gets smarter by the minute (subbies get stupider). Convertible customization to My beautiful project. Saw a hilarious car crash walking home from the bar and saw a chick go insane on some guy and almost punch him in the face, appears no one was hurt. Fistfucker pig is scrambling to do anything possible to please GODDESS. There are many new subbies in line dying to serve, wait your turn Goddess is getting endless messages. If you are lucky enough you may be accepted. New airbrush for My custom tanning unit ($$$ pricey) from spoiling fool. Going to be perfectly tanned as soon as Goddess feels the urge to set it up. Little Lorie is finally being allowed back into Goddess’ life and she is VERY excited! Sissy Trouble, don’t worry. I’ve got some trouble for you up My sleeve yet. Just been busy. AHAHAHA. Prepare! Goddess is still perfection. Goddess is ALL. Goddess is WONDERFUL.

Lose your MIND; Submit your SOUL 1 comment

Sacrifice for My Beauty Balance is low, as it should never be. Send Me gifts for no other reason than I am beautiful, powerful and perfect. I am GODDESS. Tributes are different than paid mails, paid sessions etc. While one is a GIFT the other is something you must BUY from Goddess. Spending Opportunity, feeling STUPID? of course you are.


Out for delicate delicious drinks 1 comment

Double espresso, double shot, rich hand mixed chocolate and fresh cream. Only the best will do.   Oh my. So delicious  Fresh whipped cream    Could only handle a few bites of this one.

The significance of Goddess’s date of birth

Now, at first I had written off numerology completely, I viewed it like fortune telling or Astrology. That was until I had read Carl Jung’s book on Synchronicity. He did a plethora of tests using the moon signs of couples and the success of their relationships in relation to astrological compatibility. The results were beyond probability of those in relationships which actually worked, in couples which had stayed together. Their level of happiness was indeed correlated with their level of astrological compatibility. Interesting enough as this was, it wasn’t enough to sell Goddess on the idea. Goddess could talk about this for several days, and how finally she was able to view validity in the theory of numerology, at least some schools of thought. Interesting enough, mathematics is said to be the language of the universe. As a Life Path 11, you possess an inordinate amount of energy and intuition. There is so much going on in your psyche that you are often misunderstood early in life. You are a channel for information between the higher and the lower, between the realm of the archetype and the relative world. Ideas, thoughts, understanding, and insight – all of these can come to you without your having to go through a rational thought process. There seems to be a bridge, or connection, between your conscious and unconscious realms, attuning you to a high level of intuition through which even psychic information can flow. All of this amounts to a great capacity for […]
Goddess' natural eye for photography. No formal training. Just another of HER intuitive talents.

The beautiful courthouse down in Tombstone, AZ.

What is a GODDESS? (Fine financial domination, by the hottest findom)

What is a Goddess? A Goddess is someone who transcends simple existence of being a lowly and less than evolved human being. If you can see things from Goddess / God level perceptive, and at these levels it is really quite amazing how things seem differently. To Goddess, the majority of humans are just hamsters on wheels. Spinning in a endless and cyclical sad cycle just waiting to die. Goddess can’t even fathom having a subhuman slave who doesn’t hold at least some level of intelligence. Nor would this pig understand Goddess. Of course, an intelligent pig is much like an intelligent dog. No one wants the worthless dog pissing on the floor. The dog who can’t do any tricks. The dog who just shits on your favorite rug, and then lays there like a log. I call this a log dog. Many of you log dogs are like this, and no I will not give you the status of pig. The reason you may not attain pig status is, as pigs are, useful in the fact that they can be slaughtered or sold and used to acquire gold. A log dog is more worthless ten fold, someone who is going to their little job in their little life, with absolutely no comprehension for anything past mass media consumption and laying around with an excuse to be lazy. Literally only living to work, and then shut their brain off, almost like life is a pain of which they don’t want to […]