Feb 09

Church of Princess; New Scripture


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Jan 11

California LOVE

With EVERYDAY day in California I realize the reason they call the desert desolate is because it literally is a wasteland. A wasteland of many racist Republican gun toting Americans, bad air quality and absolutely NOTHING that could sustain human life in any enjoyable way without the Oasis they call society.   
This is how you know humans are a resilient and equally stupid species. We think its a good idea to do whatever we CAN do.

But fuck it, i’ll sit back and bank on equity and escape at the first possible sight of capital gain. 

A Princess in the desert is like Justin Bieber in a state prison. No matter what goes down the prospect of enjoyment is likely unattainable. On this side of the tracks anyways…. 

Thank God for late night parties, alcohol and the magic that is imagination 

For the Pee Wee fans, and the Wee Wee fans (i know tons of you love dick, don’t like… This dino is fucking phallic!!) 

Stop by here everytime I hit up the casinos! 

Ahahaha…… I would love to film a porno at the base on these dinosaurs starring whoever lacks the shame to mame these beloved family icons.   


A reflection

Of your inadequacy

The deep knawing urge

The need to serve

And give it all away

To the only one that 


It all…

Dec 25

The 12 Daze of Goddess

Bow down  

 ‘Tis the season to SPEND SPEND and SPEND some more! In keeping with the spirit of being completely, totally and utterly spoiled, We, Princess Addiction and Her partner in total perfection Princess Destruction have compiled a list of 12 reasons why GODDESS deserves to be spoiled MUCH MORE than your wife:


  1. She married you!!!… or is in a relationship with you – either way, We think that speaks volumes about her value.
  2. Overall attractiveness – if We went into detail here about Our dazzling and jaw-dropping physical features, this list would be at least 12,000 entries long… let’s just say that We KNOW there is NO WAY that your wife is this smokin’
  3. Beauty and Brilliance – In addition to being absolutely Addictive and Hot As Fuck, We are the smartest, most intellectually dominant, intuitively advanced females on the planet.
  4. If your wife was anything like US you wouldn’t be on this website right now! LOL!
  5. She somehow manages to force herself to touch you – and if she likes touching you, that’s too much for even Our superior minds to fathom, so we refuse to spend any amount of time even considering that as a possibility.
  6. You were born to serve, you know it, you’ve always known it! You’ve felt it in your entire body, your entire life you’ve known it, that your entire purpose is to be of use.
  7. Your addiction is growing. Where your boring wife or girlfriend – if you have one – can command your attention out of obligation, it doesn’t give you the same feeling, the blood relentlessly pumping through your veins, the indescribable thrill like it does when a supreme Goddess like Us even so much as glances in your direction.
  8. Jewelry, dresses, skirts, clothing, lingerie, makeup, perfume, shoes… it ALL looks better on Us, it smells better on Us, luxury is made to be lavished on Us, therefore it makes much more sense for Us to have it! You don’t see anybody putting Ferrari rims on an ‘86 Buick, do you? And there’s no use putting lipstick on a pig. Spend your money wisely, in a way that makes cents! Which means, cents for your wife and thousands for Us…
  9. We know how to have fun. Even if your wife did end up on a cruise in a bikini surrounded by hot six-pack studs, she wouldn’t know what to do with herself… she would likely just be aching to return back home and continue her boring, trite, excitementless life. So technically, we have to have fun FOR your wife, because she is so ill-equipped for the job.
  10. There’s no way that the pig could even envision the true rush that comes with receiving a photo of a true Goddess wearing items that it had purchased, while partying hard in the company of Our sexy friends and fabulous associates, fellow partygoers, and all the beautiful people We deem fit to enjoy Our stunning perfection in person!
  11. We are going to be in L.A. from January 7 to 15 vacationing together, getting into all the Double Goddess Trouble that two spoiled, beautiful, sexy dominant Goddesses should expect to enjoy at ALL TIMES. Slaves will be offered an opportunity to buy Our Snapchat IDs and follow Our activities throughout the weekend.
  12. WE deserve to have the very best of everything and you exist to provide it for Us, no matter how much you have to sacrifice and no matter who goes without, including your family… after all, credit cards were invented to go into debt for all the right reasons, and the only right reason to go into debt is for US, so that doesn’t leave you with a lot of options, now does it?  


Dec 09

Perfection in the Flesh

FInancial Domination

Nov 27

Goddess Does Black Friday

What a fucking insane 48 hours…. First leading up to Black Friday and then to this moment now. Living My Goddess life, I amaze My divine self as I type with My sexy long new nails (not yet paid for! 

Perfect nails…. I told Her to be creative. Goddess has the Perfect hands for any design.  
 New multi-step Gel pedicure. Wow! The feet are feeling soooo soft. Got adorable and playful sparkle painted bright colored toes but slaves do not yet deserve to see them. By Goddess’ feet is being in the presence of God. There is no higher honer for a pet than this.

It all only came to $130 after tip… “apply to pay” and cover this cuckold fee in the comments by begging to pay for the privilege of maintaining Goddess’ beautiful perfection. 

Goddess had to shop for God’s birthday and Christmas, but firstly for Herself. 

Bought NOTHING in JC penny but lots of beauty products in JC Penny’s Sephora store & three new fragrances. 

Broken bags from being TOO full!!! Too heavy! So many panties…

Smelling perfect, looking perfect …

So Goddess! 

 Where She is now,

 This is the essence of Goddess. This is what you love for, this is what you live for. 

Gourmet Farm Fresh Duck Egg on top of duck fat fries and local farm fresh bacon as I enjoy a few martinis with some friends in Scottsdale at the gastropub Pig & Pickle (some of the best chefs in the Phoenix area, easily)!

The entire day was only $2200 so far after two mall visits, drinks, lunch, dinner and several stand alone stores, quite a deal. Of course not counting yesterday’s spa.

I post this for you as you feel the deep cuckold urges to pay these fees as a deep privilege. A tribute for the divine as you twist and turn dreaming of the sexy fun Goddess (and God$ will enjoy in all her new attire. Victoria secret. Macys. Nordstrom. Forever 21. Aeropostale. And more. 

Goddess has reprogrammed you to know your place as a cash machine and such a stupid little brainless ATM you are… You EVEN beg for the abuse’ 

Nov 19

Her Highness’ Divine Diary

Many slaves are freaking out over a Pay2Gay being back, begging to be turned into total fucking faggots at Goddess’ divine hand LOL!!!!
Has been updated with 6 reasons why you’re gay. More to cum fag boys.

The trip was covered mostly by Goddess’ dumbest worthless fag pig who begged for the privilege. Ready at anytime to send funds for Goddess to gamble away laughing at pissing away it’s faggot money… Total cuckold trash LOL!!! 

Summer’s over & Goddess is ready to turn Her amusement back into slave destruction and corralling in the stable of mindless devotees for HER amusement!!! Hahaha!!!
Goddess is back from Vegas & could not perform at the Hip Hop show due to stress induced laryngitis from Her last performance. 

Goddess still went but ended up hanging out in VIP at the strip club & the concert and had an amazing time. 

Traveled out to California for a few days and am thinking about hopping out soon to Hawaii for fun or Chicago to enjoy a weekend on passes Goddess manifested for Herself that just appeared Infront of Her face. Two tickets to wherever Goddess pleases. Good things just simply happen to Goddess it’s what She expects and Her slaves spend all waking moments scrambling to impress Her perfection. The Goddess and Her real man. 

It suffers more and more praying to make HER smile!!! A laugh fills it’s subhuman soul with shivers of pleasure as it begs to spend more, suffer more.

Everything for Goddess. My life perfect, while you suffer suffering and spending is the perfect destiny for My devotees. Those who endlessly obsess over Goddess. My life, is the Sun in the center of your dark universe all happiness comes in complete and total devotion to Goddess. No concern for you, no concern for your well being, only knowing the slaves life only gains meaning through shedding its false identity as anything but a toy for Goddess’ amusement. 


Nov 09

Complete devotion, submit your soul open your wallet

First off, get down on your fucking knees before you proceed slut. Your GODS demand this. You will worship us and you will be on your fucking knees any time you approach My divine site.

Vegas baby !!!

Goddess is all..

This is a religion. This is not a fetish. This is your lifestyle. Your faith and your hope.
Goddess and God have been tearing up Las Vegas, completely and totally leaving it destroyed. There is nothing like the feeling of walking around and having all eyes on you. Married men getting smacked by their wives for staring, women jealous as fuck staring at My man. The entire thing is enjoyable and expected.

True beauty! True perfection! You NEED to pay!

Party time! Hell yeah!

Wax weed wine!

This $609 meal sucked ass OH well you pay for it faggot pig and beg to do so!!!!

The last shopping trip, hotel and restaurant visit have not yet been taken care of for Us and I know you faggots are dying to bow down and beg to kiss his fucking feet while I throw My head back and laugh at what a worthless cuckold subhuman faggot you are.

Comment your appreciation that Goddess even has taken the time to update you worthless faggots on HER amazing vacation and beg if you would like to see pay2gay.com to return to it’s previous glory.

The true Financial Dominatrix and your true religion,

Goddess Jennifer

Nov 09

Michelin Star Restaurant

Goddess is on her WAY fag MUST pay!


Nov 08

The Ultimate Bitchy Barbie Destroys Vegas AGAIN! (Slaves MUST BEG to pay!)

OK, so things are in amazing at first.Good Kava. Good music. Good vibes.

Everything is going right and goddess is having an amazing time. Then hotels.com fucks up her reservation really royally. Rooms fully booked in HRH. Overselling. App broken. Becky is waiting :(waiting to be tortured which I wild have had time for…

FF: 2 hrs

Checking in finally at Delano.

Then goddess is stuck with all of her bags, & her sexy rental Camaro at valet. Goddess throws a fit and gets transferred to a much nicer hotel. The hard rock HRH towers are amazing but the Delano suites are nicer. So her inconvenience works to our benefit as everything does!

Yay!!! Goddess gets into her room finally. Hours later……

Goddess sets up her make up on the vanity. Then start partying and drinking.

The room is nice.

Goddess lives for gold …

Soft and firm. Acceptable for wild sex it will drive cuckolds wild….

Have to catch up!!!!

Bye room

Going to party!!!

Boots from fistfucker… Always need hype sexy boots….

$169 byeeee $$$$ Losing money on slot machines before going to the club the goddess doesn’t care because she knows you were going to beg in the comments to pay for her mistakes, aka fun.

Slave notices the guy staring in by (Becky) this is common ALL men stare but Master is the only one to touch HER.


Still partying now drinking expensive fucking drinks and having an amazing time it’s a privilege to pay. It’s a privilege to obey. Goddess IS  all.


Sep 27

Your pathetic subhuman soul exists for Goddess

Your pathetic subhuman soul exists for goddess. Put on this planet to serve sacrifice and obey. There is a door in your mind and behind it lies your subhuman pathetic completely uninhibited soul that is restless to escape.


To undo the shackles of your pathetic ego and any attachment to your families or current life you must all put any current perceptions and opinions in the fire and open your mind and open the door for goddess to control your sub human soul, your entire existence, and your wallet.

subhuman pigs exist to serve goddess

goddes deserves full access to your pathetic subhuman soul

give in completely and become the most pathetic, worthless and blissful ridiculous retarded ATM cuckold pig

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