Wank $erve $uffer $acrifice $uck $howoff

Live by the 5 $’s

It’s your purpose to WANK, PAY, suffer and devote the massaging of that pathetic worthless clit that you somehow mistake as a dick. You will be alone for the rest of your life and you love every second of it in worship to goddess, you have no other loves besides cock and your other which is your only true girlfriend, your hand.


Where you belong is on your knees crawling around like the filthy pig that you are with your wallet in your mouth crying tears of joy that God is takes from you so hard and relentlessly. When your wallet is empty if it ever does Goddess will shove it up your ass just for her cruel amusement. The pig must work hard in the wallet must not be empty and the man cunt must not be empty but Goddess’s Wishlist MUST be empty.

Goddess’s car is filled with bags and bags of shopping mall exploits and as she spends you reimburse her large credit card bills if she loads of her credit card and you imagine the day that God will allow you to be so fucking lucky to give her a credit card yourself that you pay for directly and it’s like Goddess reaching right into your worthless mind and wallet directly fucking you relentlessly just as you deserves you worthless piece of shit moron ATM faggot. The pig is an ATM, a real ass to mouth fucking machine that spits out cash.

The pig is worthless helpless and hopeless. The pig is a piece of shit and owes Goddess just for existing. that is way the pig must pay over and over and realize it’s played with cock holder cuckold freak, dressed like a sissy in the silkiest thigh highs that make it feel like an utter slut while it sits there were rubbing it’s Clit underneath it’s desk making goddess cash.

Pay goddess, obey goddess, do everything that got it says, live for goddess.

Goddess is the breath of life that fills your subhuman existence with joy. There is no escape and you must humiliate yourself more and more and expose yourself just so Goddess can laugh and give all the blackmail material to goddess with your full permission for Goddess to do whatever she pleases with it.

Goddess is all.

On your knees!

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Midnight $hopping $exy $pending $pree


The perfect Goddess blew $960 last night strictly on Her vanity. Begging to pay for this is a gift to the slave and a holy opportunity.

Drool over the reality of Goddess slathering Her body in the most luxurious cremes. Envision Her mile long legs. Kiss the ground NOW wherever you are in homage. Goddess is all!


Incredible set. It’s a vital a Goddess takes care of her perfection, and worthless loser cash slaves take care of the bill.

I got three!


Major haul of many $exy items. It’s no doubt looking at this just cuckolds your worthless life even further!!!

It is law that SHE must be spoiled and there’s nothing goddess likes more than shopping.


A few of the cosmetics organizers for Goddess’ Perfect Princess room. Pictures coming soon, it’s obvious to Goddess every sissy will want to model their room after her own. Goddess can’t wait to rub it in your face what a dirty little sissy prissy you are when you have the exact same room She does!!!! HAHA!!! And there is no one girlier than Goddess!


Expensive gel polishes for my divine hands only the best for her!


Sissies must take advice from Goddess and always be silky soft and smooth.

Speaking of soft and smooth it is imperative that the humidifiers purchased off of goddess’ wish list immediately her skin is feeling very dry and Goddess must be the pinnacle of perfection, unacceptable!!!


Must be organized and ready in an instant for My real man, the hot stud @sircockgod.

ATTN bill adoption opportunity!


This is the monthly make a bag from ipsy; this bill is available for a slave to take over. Cheap around $20 monthly must be purchased directly from ipsy.com contact Goddess for details.


Piggy Roast is Cumming. Be afraid. Be greatful. Be ready to beg to be exposed and pay tribute for the privilege!!! HAHAHA!!!


Peppers from Goddess’ garden; as hot as She is.


Hand over your wallet & your life.

To learn more about goddess and find out more about her life; you must be a member of her elite club ultimate blonde

Call her on Niteflirt, buy her financial domination, mind melting, sexy blonde videos or purchase Her Yahoo or Skype ID.

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At your privileged expense





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Symbolism Behind The Purpose Of Your Servitude

Everywhere Goddess looks, I am shown evidence that subhuman trash were put on this planet just to serve Goddess and become my eternal subhuman ATM cash spewing loser slaves. You are nothing more than a possession; a toy and object I can exploit and mold you however I please. The money you tribute and gift to Goddess is nothing more than a symbol of your pathetic nature, it’s more than you deserve. You will give everything to Goddess, you were born to serve Goddess, and anyone Goddess commands. There is nothing you can say to disagree and if you disobey this fact it will only bring you suffering; so let go and give in to Goddess. Simply give in to your lowly subhuman desires and sacrifice your wallet, your mind, and your entire pathetic life to Goddess. Giving in to Goddess and giving yourself to Goddess is your only hope and your only option in life.


buttplug suffering

Shove this beast up your ass as you pay and obey to Goddess hahaha


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Utter Humiliation, Bow Down Fool

Always trust Goddess, obey Goddess, and do what Goddess commands no matter what She tells you to do. Goddess may tell you to do something that others would advise against, ignore this. Anything Goddess tells you to do is a good idea. Anything Goddess commands will bring you happiness and improve your lowly pathetic worthless subhuman existence.

Fag is forced to do anything mistress says, ATM

Smoke em if you got em, faggot hahahah

This is what happens when you listen to your destiny.

Pathetic slave all locked up and key mailed to the subhuman’s master

The loser can only go so deep hahahaha

Goddess demands you go deeper you pathetic whore


These pictures of subhuman garbage are hilarious, degrading, and humiliating hahahaha Goddess loves to humiliate pathetic subhuman faggot fools while raping their wallets, and making them adoring victims to Her any desire, wants, needs, and turning you into complete pathetic play toys for Goddess. Goddess’ newest amusement is laughing as you spend money on Her wishlist, the idiot fistfuckerpig, has already sacrificed to Goddess and Cock God’s cause by buying her five and a half inch iPhone. The pathetic fistfuckerpig should be so proud of living to its subhuman fullest by sacrificing at any given opportunity for a Divine Perfect Goddess.

Goddess’ engagement may be shocking to the tiny subhuman pig mind that you have, but to those who’ve know her since 2003, or the couple of slaves since 2002. The Cock God (Goddess’ Fiance) is even more perverse than she hahahaha; so bow down and worship faggots. Message them both on yahoo messenger (absoluteroyalty) & (sircockgod). Go buy us each something off our wishlist to celebrate our engagement. Feel so honored and lucky as you click on your computer and have the lucky opportunity to serve and sacrifice.

Goddess’s wishlist

Sir Cock God’s Wishlist

Sir God and Goddess

Gods at Play

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Goddess is God

Fuck Financial Slavery, I am the true Goddess that demands real devoted and dedicated slaves and service. This includes financial of course, but serving Goddess goes much deeper than that.

Financial Domination ruthless

The smile that shatters worlds

Goddess is the pinnacle of human evolution to the point that Goddess has transcended being human and is now a live living and breathing Goddess. I am taking My place at the top as the Goddess I am with My man, the cock God. Goddess is the Queen of the world and a massive and powerful force in the universe. Goddess’ intelligence and sex appeal are unparalleled. From HER perfect and divine feet to HER luscious feminine and curvy body to HER face that fits the golden ratio, the true symbol and scientific proof of beauty. Goddess is the true wonder of the world. Goddess puts the pyramids to shame.

Sexy Blonde Young Dominatrix

Blonde Dominatrix that is much more than meets the eye. I am a true Goddess in human form from beyond your pathetic world. I have come here by choice and you exist to serve Me as a clearly lower being.

This isn’t simply a BDSM game, I am a living and breathing Goddess. This is the start of a new religion, your spirituality and your life calling to serve under Me. More on this will be unveiled in the future. For now all you have to focus your pathetic subhuman mind on is staring deeply into these photos and waiting on your knees with utmost patience and humility. Shop Goddess’ wishlist and join Ultimate Blonde where Goddess has been posting her teachings for the last several years. So sad for the subhuman who is just learning this now and could have been following Goddess’ teachings all along. Hahaha…

Sexy tall financial dominatrix, is much more than a HOT BITCH who will humiliate you. Welcome to your new religion.

Sexy tall financial dominatrix, is much more than a HOT BITCH who will humiliate you. Welcome to your new religion.

Apply to be My financial slave and dedicated acolyte and servant.

Tribute to Goddess and lay gifts at Her divine feet. Put your money where your mouth is. The financial dominatrix’s wishlist is here, SHOP!
Follow Goddess’ important subhuman training teachings found only in Her private members only website and learn all about what it means to be a subhuman, financial slave, cuckold and member of Her Church.

Join the GODDESS revolution and become a brainwashed zombie for Goddess and Her man the Cock God.

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Burn for Goddess…

It is essential to throw yourself into the fires for Goddess. The worthless subhuman must destroy their old life in order to build a new subhuman life. It must be born again. Out of the ashes of your previous delusional life will rise a new subhuman life. Free of the restrictions of your previous faux life. Goddess can grant you this freedom. Goddess can burn your previous pathetic life, and Goddess will rebuild you a new subhuman life with meaning and purpose. Goddess will mold you into something of value.


Full post can be read at UltimateBlonde.com

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Pondering your subhuman exsistence…


It is important for you ponder what type of subhuman trash you are. There is subhuman trash that go into heat at the thought of Goddess’s feet. While there are others who would give their pathetic lives to worship Goddess’s ass. There are others who worship Goddess for her Divine mind and gifts she bestows.

The truth is it doesn’t matter what kind of subhuman piggy you are. All that matters is you meditate on what kind of subhuman piggy you want to be for Goddess, and develop a clear picture of the subhuman depths that you are going to sink. Fact of the matter is you are whatever kind of subhuman pig Goddess tells you to be. If Goddess wants you to be a cocksucker then you will be a cocksucker. If Goddess wants you to prance around in a pink frilly dress then that’s what you will do. It is not up to you to ask why, only to embrace the path Goddess creates for you. If Goddess wants you to wear a diaper to work then you will do so with a smile and a full heart for Goddess. The state that you live in is subhuman garbage that is waiting to be molded by Goddess. To do every task Goddess gives with enthusiasm and vigor. No matter what Goddess chooses for you, the subhuman piggy inside of you will eagerly comply.
There could be limitless categories of subhuman pigs, but there could also just be one singular kind of subhuman pigs. I believe that every subhuman could be taught to love anything Goddess tells them to. So it doesn’t matter if you like to wear your wifes dresses or smell your secretary’s seat when she gets up. In the end it is your subhuman desires making you do your actions. No matter how you spend your time it is vital that you take pride in what you have become for Goddess. you have decided to spend your life in worship and in dedication to Goddess. Be proud of sucking strangers cocks.

Read everything at UltimateBlonde.com


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Being subhuman…

you are a worthless idiot; a subhuman piece of trash. Everything about you screams subhuman. The only way for you to be tolerable to Goddess is through your wallet. It is the only thing that you have that can bring me to attention. Otherwise you are just a bumbling idiot whose very presence I am unable to stand. Goddess does not care about you, Goddess cannot stand you. The only thing you have to offer Goddess is the ability to max out your credit cards for Goddess, suck cock for Goddess, get filled with cum for Goddess, and follow every word Goddess says. Hahahaha.

Do not attempt to think on your own, because nothing good can come of it. The mind you have is a simple one which can only effectively accomplish simple subhuman tasks. Simple tasks like giving Goddess your entire paycheck, getting your mouth fucked, and your pussy pounded.

Read more at Ultimate Blonde…

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Valentine’s Day for Subhuman Trash

It is Valentine’s Day as I’m sure you losers are well aware of, and since you are subhuman trash you should be spending it alone, bound, and gagged. If you have a girlfriend or wife then you should allow her to spend the day alone, and without your subhuman presence. Give her the day off to go do whatever she wants, and who knows? maybe she’ll find a nice hot stud to fuck her properly on today of all days. I mean today is the day where every girl should get fucked properly, and certainly you will be unable to do this with your fucked up subhuman shrimp dick. So the only natural solution to this conundrum is to let her pussy get plowed by a real Man.

If you don’t have a girlfriend or wife to gift the greatest gift, which is the gift of having your brains fucked out of you by an actual Man. Then you can do the next best thing, and max out your credit cards for Goddess. Send Goddess gift cards, buy as many items off Goddess’s wishlist as possible, surprise Goddess with an amazing tribute. Pay for Goddess’s date tonight, since it is the closest you will ever get to Me. Then after you gift Me until you can gift no more you can finally fuck your subhuman pussy raw and wank your pathetic dick until nothing cums out. Then do it all again for Goddess.

Wishlist: http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/1BIO30SDJEXS7/=princessjenni-20

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