Pathetic slave serves as footstool!

Katherine and I were out the other night with fatass trucker, we publicly humiliated it and completely destroyed it’s self esteem. I’ll update more on this later, but as for now I’m running out for lunch. Tata, piggies!

Go now piggies, and click to VOTE

Go now piggies, and click to VOTE

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8 Responses to Pathetic slave serves as footstool!

  1. f.a.t. says:

    Totally pathetic, and obviously under Your Divine control!

  2. humiliatedwhore says:

    he is very lucky indeed!

  3. f.a.t. says:

    and very very grateful to my Royal Queen for allowing such a pathetic slave to kneel in Her Divine presents

  4. Go both set up for your e-mails you are using!!!!

    It’s easy and then you will have icons when posting!!!!

    I especially liked when fat assed trucker was kneeling in the mall as he was laying cash down by My feet and cat and I gave him sparkily rainbows on it’s face and lipstick…..

    Or when we made it wait outside of Argo on the street corner with it’s head to the wall in front of the busy Michigan ave traffic, both on foot and in vehicles lollllll…..

  5. humiliatedwhore says:

    Wow what a lucky loser!

  6. lookin good !!!


    Oh gosh I LOVE gravatars

  7. f.a.t you can do better than that!!!!!

    How about a cheerleader with pom poms?

  8. f.a.t. says:

    i hope this is more to Your liking my Royal Queen.

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