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Nov 27

Goddess Does Black Friday

What a fucking insane 48 hours…. First leading up to Black Friday and then to this moment now. Living My Goddess life, I amaze My divine self as I type with My sexy long new nails (not yet paid for! 

Perfect nails…. I told Her to be creative. Goddess has the Perfect hands for any design.  
 New multi-step Gel pedicure. Wow! The feet are feeling soooo soft. Got adorable and playful sparkle painted bright colored toes but slaves do not yet deserve to see them. By Goddess’ feet is being in the presence of God. There is no higher honer for a pet than this.

It all only came to $130 after tip… “apply to pay” and cover this cuckold fee in the comments by begging to pay for the privilege of maintaining Goddess’ beautiful perfection. 

Goddess had to shop for God’s birthday and Christmas, but firstly for Herself. 

Bought NOTHING in JC penny but lots of beauty products in JC Penny’s Sephora store & three new fragrances. 

Broken bags from being TOO full!!! Too heavy! So many panties…

Smelling perfect, looking perfect …

So Goddess! 

 Where She is now,

 This is the essence of Goddess. This is what you love for, this is what you live for. 

Gourmet Farm Fresh Duck Egg on top of duck fat fries and local farm fresh bacon as I enjoy a few martinis with some friends in Scottsdale at the gastropub Pig & Pickle (some of the best chefs in the Phoenix area, easily)!

The entire day was only $2200 so far after two mall visits, drinks, lunch, dinner and several stand alone stores, quite a deal. Of course not counting yesterday’s spa.

I post this for you as you feel the deep cuckold urges to pay these fees as a deep privilege. A tribute for the divine as you twist and turn dreaming of the sexy fun Goddess (and God$ will enjoy in all her new attire. Victoria secret. Macys. Nordstrom. Forever 21. Aeropostale. And more. 

Goddess has reprogrammed you to know your place as a cash machine and such a stupid little brainless ATM you are… You EVEN beg for the abuse’ 




  1. fistfucker pig

    pig knows its place and is proud to be serving and obeying the Divine Goddess

  2. Weenietots

    We know our place, please abuse us for your pleasure Princess

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