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Aug 06

Chains of Addiction ; Serve Suffer Sacrifice

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 5.35.37 AMThere is a sense of beauty in the invisible chains of addiction that you are bound to Me in. Invisibly bound to Goddess to be used and abused at Goddess’s will. Goddess will mold your primordial clay into something of value and purpose. Without Goddess’s hands molding and shaping your pathetic existence you are nothing but a worthless lump with no purpose and meaning. A mound of mud to be stepped and pissed on. But with Goddess’s Divine hands and Will the mound of mud will be shaped into a subhuman loser who has a Divine purpose and mission in life.

Serve Suffer Sacrifice in your Sexy shackles for Goddess

To serve Goddess. To be a subhuman molded by Goddess creates a life debt that you will be shackled to for eternity. Goddess gave you purpose; without Goddess you are less than nothing. So by serving, sacrificing, degrading, worshiping, and essentially living every second of your pathetic worthless life for Goddess, you actually have a purpose and meaning to your lowly pathetic existence. The meaning and sense of satisfaction you get from serving and sacrificing for Goddess is a beautiful gem that you must relish, guard, and nurture.

Dedicate your entire life to Goddess. As monks and holy men of the past you must serve your One true Goddess which gives your entire pathetic lowly life purpose and meaning. Forget everything else, and dedicate every waking second of your life to Goddess.

Cart has been updated on a music production site GODDESS uses… most everything is 50% off, so RELISH in being able to spend more on GODDESS somewhere else… instructions will be sent to it’s Obedience Box (Inbox, email, as previously known)… WL is updated as well. Need hair extensions to upkeep My divine beauty and splendor!





1 comment

  1. fistfucker pig

    pig is complying with Goddess orders in the obedience box. Will also work on Goddess wishlist tonight.
    Goddess is ALL

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