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Sep 02

Another quick post!!!

I finally LEARNED TO DJ, PRAISE GODDESS I may be famous soon. Check it out. Thanks to @firstfuckerpig for the gear. Goddess loves it! Way better than the stuff it got cock GOD I actually get how to use this. The other stuff is nice but for dinosaurs. Not saying Scotty is a dinosaur, just a sexy man older than the young perfect Goddess.

LOOK AT THIS PATHETIC SISSY, unless it interferes with your ability to pay Me and you can’t go suck dick for a living… the answer to this is always UNDOUBTEDLY YES! and GODDESS PROBABLY WANTS TO BE THERE if you can’t take video…. HAHHAAHAH



A cocksucking brainwash video! With none other than @hotasf4ck NF superstar Princess Destruction.
Yes we team rape hard when I’m not a complete mess sleeping 20 hours a day. I miss that!
Glad I’m feeling better.


Getting out as summer is ending :(
Went on a vacation right before the EVIL TICK BITE >:(


Me and My adorable husband. YUP/ MY HUSBAND LOOK AT HIM. you wish you were a real man.

Oh and go make an account and favorite all My music! Be a good slut. Goddess needs to get places!

Find the cocksucking brainwash on My twitter and it’ll be on pay 2 gay soon, shop that wishlist and beg Goddess has mercy on you and contacts you back before the other thousands who messaged Her since SHE has been around.



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