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Jan 04

Humiliate yourself for GODDESS

Ways to humiliate yourself throughout the day


Sniff your co workers chairs when the opportunity arises.
Sniff the most attractive persons seat first, and then sniff the remaining seats in descending attractiveness.
Wear candy smelling perfume; soak yourself in it before work.
Wear a buttplug to work at least twice a week.
Keep dildos in your desk.
If you’re lucky enough to cum be sure to cum on the panties you’re wearing.
Wear only one pair of panties a week. Never wash them, and always make cummies on them.
If there’s a cute girl smell her seat and go through her cubicle trash can.
Take anything of interest from her trash(snotty tissue, half eaten food, etc)
Go to a strip club with friends. Refuse lapdance. Kiss the strippers feet and offer to buy her underwear in front of friends.
Take a USB stick of humiliating pictures and have them enlarge the pictures of you looking most pathetic. Then carry these photos around with you in public.giftmoneydomme
Go kneel parallel to the urinal in the bathroom and open your mouth wide offering up your hole as a urinal alternative to any men that walk in.
Enquire with your doctor at your next visit about hormone replacement.
Take a pair of Goddess’s panties to a framing specialty store and explain to them that Goddess’s panties are your greatest possession, and they must be appropriately showcased in a shadowbox, behind glass, with the inscription “Holy Altar”, and then a plaque the bottom saying “everything must go to Goddess Jennifer.”
20161211_063532Take a photo of Goddess and get it enlarged to life size proportions and kneel before it for hours.
Make fliers advertising the grace of Goddess. Then go find a busy street corner and hand them out. Working actively to convert the masses to living under Goddess’s rule.
Go to the store and buy a little girl’s diary and keep a journal dedicated to your service to Goddess.
Go to clips4sale and buy all of Goddess’s videos. If you already own them buy them again.
Go to the sex store and tell them you need a new vibrator for your pussy, and explain to them you’re talking about yourself and not a girlfriend or wife.screen-shot-2017-01-04-at-12-29-14-am
Sneak into the restroom when having dinner with your family, and jack off to gay porn with the volume on high moans loudly.
Paint the walls in your house pink (ALL of them)
Get dressed up sexy and go walk the streets with the other hookers
Print out 1111 fliers PRAISING the WORD of GODDESS
Write Goddess’s site on your forehead and go walk through a mall
Anything you think would amuse or impress Goddess



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