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Jan 22

My agenda is the only one that should concern you!

Goddess is up in the middle of the night as always and has surprisingly just woken up after a few hour nap…. The bar last night was enjoyable.

Friends of mine were mixing music and the party went insanely wild as sexy girls including the bartender (they should have got Goddess more drinks first!!) were dancing on the bar top and the tables.

I feel fully rested, regardless of the fact I only slept a few hours and took a ModAlert, I think fistfucker and perhaps several of my other subbies may be interested in trying something like this.

financial domination


The “smart drug” is certainly something worth looking into, as most high achievers and those in hollywood and silicone valley are on it.

What GODDESS very much finds it interesting for, is the fact that it can nearly reset your alcohol tolerance! Perfect for forced intox… so dangerous HAHAHA! 

For some reason I find it doesn’t effect me too severely. Perhaps My brain is too incredible as it is…. 

I guess I don’t need brain viagra… but all of you slaves needing to work longer hours and improve your life for my benefit might want to look into it! 



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