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Jun 15

Strawberry Kamikaze

puppiesGoddess kissed death that was put upon HER divine lips by none other than a Strawberry. How the fuck did things end up like this? Goddess felt as if She was drowning… not able to make sense of Her life as everything spun wildly out of control. Her life of luxury and opulence was not making sense anymore, nor did She really care for it. Recently Goddess woke up from this, She felt the desire the lacking ease up off of Her… the cloud that was raining down upon Her went from a pour to a drizzle as the Sun started to shine again for the first in many… 

Goddess was taking delight in the warmth of the Sun when the Sun was torn from the sky and darkness took over. Goddess should have trusted Her intuition all along, but She denied it and She was about to pay the price!  She didn’t wash the Strawberries as well as She normally does. She was busy, fucking for over an hour and She knew that He was getting restless, wanting to dump the giant load He had been saving for hours. Goddess grabbed a huge carafe of ice cold ice  water and some juicy plump strawberries. She rinsed the strawberries but not thoroughly, as She has every other time since getting that weird feeling several years ago, about strawberries and getting sick off of them, in particular. 

The strawberries, I am not sure I will ever forget how they tasted… the smooth and luxurious flavor met my intense thirst. A thirst so intense and distinct, a thirst that only a wild fucking session could work up in appetite… I remember the silky feeling on my wet lips supple and swollen from use… God… I needed it… I needed him.. to the point where I was willing to throw precaution to the wind and embrace the moment intensely. It was a decision that would be met with a near death experience. 

E-coli, no fucking joke. I felt like I was sucked into a black hole. All I remember is, the darkness, the sickness, not knowing from which hole what was being expelled from. Three days of this before I came out of the darkness of the sickest I’ve ever been in My entire life. Thanks to My guy, and His help, and forcing Me to do what I needed to do in order to make it through. 

Goddess hated every second of thinking She might not survive. She did however embrace, again a lust for the destruction… for the fast lane… for living life hard… and more than that SHE the DIVINE again remembered that SHE was and WHY SHE LOVED IT and WHY it was IMPORTANT and WHY SHE LIVED THE WAY SHE DID and WHAT was GOOD about it.GetLostInTheCleavageOfGoddess

What was FANTASTIC about it. Sometimes even GODS lose their way…

She won’t deny it… 

GODDESS was lost for a while…


GODDESS has found HER WAY and GODDESS is back to shine the LIGHT that gives all SUBHUMAN SLAVES PURPOSE…



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