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Jun 30

Giver and Taker…

Photo on 6-29-17 at 5.22 PM #2Oh my    Jesus CHRIST;   here we go again. It’s going to be like that white snake video and everything else I called humiliation in the past… is nothing.


It’s just — child’s play.


I realized that I was getting sick of this; that I was getting really bored of everything being so repetitive.


Its so weird watching all these thousands of women parading around performing scripts in lack luster ways.. scripts based off of what I CREATED back in the day.

I am like the astrological sign of PLUTO, I AM DEATH and REBIRTH.I am the creator, and the destroyer.


Things started getting stale when the entire community started to become utterly gentrified… its the insane homogenization that comes with the androgynous cattle conversion that has become American culture, the very same culture thats taking over the rest of the world. Welcome to College where you will learn to become prejudiced through your overt over the top concern with never offending anyone — except those fucking republicans.  


It’s sickening — they always obsess and and fret over who said what, and what is and isn’t okay to do —


Yet there they are —


wearing their shirts from Forever 21 and a Bow tie from the Christian Thrift Store (the one that is okay with gays). I digress, its pathetic, my point is —


the masses massively suck and FEMDOM FINDOM whatever you want to call this shit we created has become a MASSIVE pile of shit.


The other day, I actually realize that — the reason this industry is where it is ? BECAUSE OF MYSELF, Sierra, Angel and a handful of bitches from Dungeon 9 have lost all steam for this shit.


That’s something we have all known…


This time —- I actually realized something new… thanks to Mix Master, My man— and fuck! It was so incredibly obvious

too. So fucking beyond obvious…


I NEED TO innovate and change the industry… just like it says in My Personology report; If I see something I don’t like, change it. I’m the Designer;



Born on the Day of Design. Like that fucker who invented the IMG_0730telephone— yet I invent profiles of perversions for other people to enjoy.


The pleasure I’ve created and the PAIN down the chains of people who have practiced the many humiliations and practices that erupted from My young teenage mind… how many orgasms have been of MY DESIGN. SO MANY. SO MANY and SUCH a good reason to tribute ME for the BLESSINGS i’ve bestowed upon the 10s of thousands who are experiencing the perversions of My design.  



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