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financial dominatrix

One of the Pioneers of the Financial Dominatrix theme since 2003. The creator of extreme humiliation and one of the first proponents of forced bisexuality for cash slaves. Classy, intelligent and a trend setter. Had one of the first websites online in the FinDom scene (before it was even called that).

High IQ, intelligent, brilliant, flexible, playful and genuinely the sexiest mix of sickening sweet and dangerously devious. There is no one else in the Universe like Goddess. That is to be sure.

Height: 6ft tall (well…. 5’11 & 3/4)

Feet: Size 10 feet, ridiculously high arches

Hair: Blonde, and every color of the rainbow


MY Fetishes: Financial Slavery, Domination, Religious Worship/Goddess Worship, Foot Fetish / Worship, Boot Fetish, Heels, Barefoot, Dirty Feet, Manicures, Pedicures, Sissification, Bimboification,Transitioning slaves, Long natural nails, Smoking, Blackmail Role-play, Extreme Humiliation, Exposure, Public Exposure, Chastity, Female slaves, Key Holding, Forced-bi, Cuckolding and more…


Hobbies / Interests: High end cosmetics, Shopping, Electronic Music Production, Psychology, History, The Occult, Paranormal, Magick, The theory of disintegration, Philosophy, Science, Quantum Physics, Personality, Enneagram, MBTI, Mathematics, Freestyling / Rapping, Song writing, Graphic Design, Print Layout, Photography, Marketing, Physiology, Genetics, Space, Fashion, Video games, Graphic Novels, Fine Dining, Unique and genuine aspects of other cultures, Traveling, Art (painting, drawing, customizing action figures), Cooking, Writing (Sci Fi, Non-Fiction, Cookbooks), Genetics, Video games, Staring at Myself in mirrors, Marijuana, Medicine, Consciousness enhancement through natural and synthetic means, Conspiracy Theories, Reading, Reading, Reading….


Personality Type: INTP
Enneagram: 5w6 (514 tritype) evolved to 8
Birthday: 3/3

destiny; 11; (power number)
motivation, 9;
innerself, 22; (power number)
expression 4;
subconscious response 7

Astrology: Pieces

Authors: Carl Jung, Dabrowski

Fashion: Anything pink cute sexy and BARBIE, Dolls Kill, Juicy Couture & the hottest and sexiest Korean and Japanese fashions

About Me:

I generally enjoy complex intellectual individuals who have something to offer Me on more than just a surface level. I hate small talk and if that’s what you’re after, you better have a really thick wallet…

I’ve lived all over North America and lived the luxurious lifestyle in high rise apartments in some of America’s premiere cities. I brush elbows with Celebrities in high end hotels… and I abandon all of that to go check out the deepest decay and filth that Goddess can witness. Goddess is all about experiences, learning, living and living up to HER name of GODDESS.

Money Slaves

I love animals, and I am a highly complex and evolved person both mentally and spiritually. This isn’t what My life revolves around, I’ve owned a brick and mortar, had convention booths at cons over 70k, written a book, worked various artistic gigs (always remaining My own boss), had My photography featured in magazines, and have over 30k twitter followers on My vanilla twitter page.

I can be trusted with fetish role-play and will not expose you if we both have not first decided we are going to play such dangerous games. This is determined in My application.

This isn’t a job, this isn’t an act, this is My art and this is My fetish….  so no I don’t do “cam sessions” and you can’t give Me requests that I will simply fulfill. I don’t know who started that entire thing, but Goddess wants to shoot them.

Goddess does take ideas and suggestions and if they line up with My area of interest… Goddess may indulge you

This isn’t a game for Me, this is religion, you worship Me simply as I am, which is Foot Slaveryexactly what I deserve.

This is My fetish.

This is My world.

Want My attention?

Spoil Me. Spend on Me. Shop for Me and by doing so show Me that you realize that you are indeed not worthy of My time…. but only hope to be so lucky to receive some.

$end Cash.me



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