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The perfect Queen.

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Aug 12

Programming your mind for GODDESS’ benefit

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.19.08 PM

CHANTS and INCANTATIONS “I invite the power of the HOLY GODDESS JENNIFER to take control of MY MIND BODY AND SOUL. May you make My cord of servitude and enslavement between me and GODDESS JENNIFER strong like the chains of a prisoner.“ “I welcome anything GODDESS wills upon my life to become my living destiny. I am proud to service HER …

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Aug 06

Chains of Addiction ; Serve Suffer Sacrifice

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 5.35.37 AM

There is a sense of beauty in the invisible chains of addiction that you are bound to Me in. Invisibly bound to Goddess to be used and abused at Goddess’s will. Goddess will mold your primordial clay into something of value and purpose. Without Goddess’s hands molding and shaping your pathetic existence you are nothing …

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May 16

Submitting fully to Goddess


Goddess depressed and pig does anything and everything to make it better for GODDESS. EXISTING AND LIVING FOR GODDESS AND HER EVERY WISH AND DESIRE. Bow down and worship Goddess. Bow down and love Goddess in a way that is foreign to most lowly animalistic subhuman minds. The subhuman will love their divine Goddess, and …

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May 03

Embracing your subhuman self selflessly.


Embracing your subhuman self selflessly. There is no natural shame in being a subhuman. There is natural shame if you do not live up to subhuman standards and live in ignorance of this cold hard fact.  The subhuman must embrace what it is and cast aside any ill conceived ideas out itself. The foundation of …

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Apr 24

Building a shrine in Goddess’ honor


Goddess used to have slaves build HER shrines in HER honor ritualistically. This is a must for any subhuman to be able to worship and obey Goddess’ hefty demands that HER subhuman slaves fall to their knees and open up their minds to complete and total reprogramming and mental control. Goddess found these photos online …

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Apr 22

The subhuman is born into sin, redemption cums by PRAYING PAYING and OBEYING


The subhuman is born into being subhuman. This subhuman breeding cycle is a monstrous breeding ground of original sin. The sin that lies within each subhuman slave varies from subhuman loser to subhuman trash, but it will always be there. Festering and rotting away for so long the subhuman hardly notices their offensive mindset they …

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Apr 19

Daily Mind Scrubbing Brainwashing


The reality is that you live to clear our wish list because you are A pathetic fucking faggot    Drool Obsesss Obey Dedicate your mind and soul Lose all control

Apr 17

Goddess ispires ALL, learning to submit your entire wallet brainlessly 


Bow down to Goddess. Submit and give over to Goddess your entire existence, because your existence without Goddess is empty, cold, and unfulfilled. Sacrificing, pampering, and living your life for Goddess is the bonfire that keeps you alive. Toss a log on the fire of servitude. Spend, send, and sacrifice for Goddess. Cut your wallet …

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Apr 15

You are nothing but Goddess’s animals


Goddess just went to the zoo…    It got her thinking. When she was watching the orangutangs she noticed that they were actually playing very complex social games.  In some ways these animals are more advanced then Goddess’ pathetic pigs and obedient in her zoo. Brainless. Helpless.    Bow down and worship Goddess. Don’t just …

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Apr 13



Becum brainwashed by My beauty    

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