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Dec 06

Purrrfection – Princess’s (A)-Musings … or ALPHA musings

by Barbie Addiction Actions PRINCESS PUSSY RULES SHE WHO HAS THE PUSSY TURNS ALL QUIVERING INFERIOR Y-CHROMISITES INTO THE SAME (pussies)SO — lube yourself up and dispense some CA$H and make use of that A$$ A$$, Grass or Ga$pedaling… Them the rules of the road (head) … So you might wonder what it’s like to …

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May 16

Submitting fully to Goddess


Goddess depressed and pig does anything and everything to make it better for GODDESS. EXISTING AND LIVING FOR GODDESS AND HER EVERY WISH AND DESIRE. Bow down and worship Goddess. Bow down and love Goddess in a way that is foreign to most lowly animalistic subhuman minds. The subhuman will love their divine Goddess, and …

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Oct 15

Still Hooked on My Humiliation


Coming back to My hometown for a visit always feels somewhat like I’m at the State Fair.  When the little piggies get word that I’ll be coming, they just go fucking crazy for the chance to get all scrubbed up and curl their tails and show off their best tricks for Me. LOL! I mean, …

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Oct 07

Female Superiority? I got all the Superior Female you need

So let’s see, in My last diary entry I was filling My money slaves  in on *some* of My trip to Canada so far. I could tell you all about the hotels I stayed at, or the amazing five star restaurants AND the crazy roadside bars in the middle of nowhere bumfuck USA… but, you’re …

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Oct 06

I got that Drive to Domination

I’m sure you money slaves  must be dying to know what Kat and I have gotten up to in the last couple days. So while I’m obviously not going to give you ALL the details, heh… well maybe if you beg… anyway, it was a hell of a long road trip getting here, but of …

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Sep 28

Financial Domination, Cali Style

I’m starting to think the ONE and ONLY benefit of being an incredibly pathetic fucking LOSER is that you will never know just how incredibly exhausting it is owning so much stuff! I mean, it is really impossible to wrap one’s head around just how MUCH stuff I have managed to fit into this amazing …

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Aug 16

Missed the Money Mistress?

financial domination

Oh being a Money Mistress is hard. Everyone wants what they can’t have…. yet I have everything I want. Since I’ve decided to relocate the (risk for crazy stalkers is decreasing exponentially).… I’ve decided I’m going to start giving you a more intimate close up view of the kind of life I lead here in …

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Aug 15

The Life Financial Domination Buys

No one knows it better than The Financial Dominatrix, that Financial Domination buys a pretty sexy lifestyle. I’ve not bothered to upload My recent pictures and videos keeping — only for the closest pets and a few mutts I’ve bestowed with My pity have received them. Toronto is seriously party town and I have to …

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Aug 10

Ontario Vacation!!!

Ha, the closest you'll come to My bed is MAKING IT

I know the life of a Financial Dominatrix is supposed to be beautiful and classy but could it get any more beautiful and classy than this??? Well… maybe if I didn’t add the trash 😡 Here is a TRASHY picture for all of My piggies to save and worship. xoxo The Financial Dominatrix

Nov 08

Spoiled Brats TOPLIST!


PHEW!!!! It took me like six hours of installing PHP and going through code and editing this and modifying that and a couple hours of troubleshooting but I am now the proud owner of The Spoiled Brats Toplist. So you can see just how awesome my handy-work is check out what the site used to …

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