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Jun 30

Giver and Taker…

Photo on 6-29-17 at 5.22 PM #2

Oh my    Jesus CHRIST;   here we go again. It’s going to be like that white snake video and everything else I called humiliation in the past… is nothing.   It’s just — child’s play.   I realized that I was getting sick of this; that I was getting really bored of everything being so repetitive. …

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Dec 06

Purrrfection – Princess’s (A)-Musings … or ALPHA musings

by Barbie Addiction Actions PRINCESS PUSSY RULES SHE WHO HAS THE PUSSY TURNS ALL QUIVERING INFERIOR Y-CHROMISITES INTO THE SAME (pussies)SO — lube yourself up and dispense some CA$H and make use of that A$$ A$$, Grass or Ga$pedaling… Them the rules of the road (head) … So you might wonder what it’s like to …

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Sep 02

Another quick post!!!


I finally LEARNED TO DJ, PRAISE GODDESS I may be famous soon. Check it out. Thanks to @firstfuckerpig for the gear. Goddess loves it! Way better than the stuff it got cock GOD I actually get how to use this. The other stuff is nice but for dinosaurs. Not saying Scotty is a dinosaur, just …

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Apr 07

THE FORTUNATE ONES…. re: Members Area (finally here!)

  The Financial Dominatrix, Rinsing, Fetish Members area of complete destruction and sexxxxinesss…. prepare to writhe!  Okay faggots, if you are on this list you can login to this BLOG with your regular user name listed below and your password (reset it if you forget) and have access to the members area for the next …

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Mar 25

The Goddess Curse

Financial Dominatrix huge cash transfer

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Mar 10

New ADDICTIVE fetish eye candy to destroy you!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.08.33 AM

My long slender fingers… the cigarette being delicately held pushes a deep urge down inside you to do ANYTHING for ME. TO GIVE EVERYTHING to your DIVINE ADDICTION. There is no helping yourself… you succumb to your SMOKING FETISH and your GODDESS FETISH.   My sexy tits hypnotize you and entrance you making you utterly …

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Nov 27

Goddess Does Black Friday

What a fucking insane 48 hours…. First leading up to Black Friday and then to this moment now. Living My Goddess life, I amaze My divine self as I type with My sexy long new nails (not yet paid for!    Perfect nails…. I told Her to be creative. Goddess has the Perfect hands for …

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Mar 13

True GODDESS; True slaves

Sir playing real Vinyl at this killer event. He melted the wax and brought the ladies panties down. Also, I’d like to bring this to ALL slaves attention immediately. What EXACTLY are you waiting for? What’s new in Goddess’s life? Water heater fire! Mom’s in town. Partying. Lots of presents still coming in for GODDESS’s B-Day …

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Oct 03

Goddess is God

Sexy tall financial dominatrix, is much more than a HOT BITCH who will humiliate you. Welcome to your new religion.

Fuck Financial Slavery, I am the true Goddess that demands real devoted and dedicated slaves and service. This includes financial of course, but serving Goddess goes much deeper than that. Goddess is the pinnacle of human evolution to the point that Goddess has transcended being human and is now a live living and breathing Goddess. …

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Feb 27

Verotel is fucking up again.


Looks like Members area is down. That just means this short little update is going to have to happen on here. Where you fall to your knees and worship GODDESS and SEE GODDESS is still very active, you just need to know where to find HER. Tributing first is the best means. I have …

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