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Sep 02

Another quick post!!!


I finally LEARNED TO DJ, PRAISE GODDESS I may be famous soon. Check it out. Thanks to @firstfuckerpig for the gear. Goddess loves it! Way better than the stuff it got cock GOD I actually get how to use this. The other stuff is nice but for dinosaurs. Not saying Scotty is a dinosaur, just …

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Apr 07

Training Session #2: Molding My sexy female slave into exactly what Goddess desires… (Pay ATTN sissy slaves!)

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Apr 07

THE FORTUNATE ONES…. re: Members Area (finally here!)

  The Financial Dominatrix, Rinsing, Fetish Members area of complete destruction and sexxxxinesss…. prepare to writhe!  Okay faggots, if you are on this list you can login to this BLOG with your regular user name listed below and your password (reset it if you forget) and have access to the members area for the next …

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Apr 07

Meet Miss Kitty : Goddess plays with and transforms her sexy real life r/t sex doll 


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Feb 17

Time To Let Go…

Financial Dominatrix

It is essential for the subhuman to let go. To relinquish all control and let go of all earthly connections, realizing that they are doing nothing but creating a prison for the subhuman. Some may enjoy this earthly prison they have created for themselves, and even fight or defend just to remain inside. Friends, family, …

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Oct 25

Who do you think you are fooling?


Just who do you think you are fooling trying to hoard your paycheck, and not sacrificing everything for Goddess. It’s so sad that you actually think you can handle money? It would feel so much better spoiling GODDESS with the money in HER hands. So why in the world do you even pretend that you …

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May 29

Sissy Feminization Series: Part 2

When it comes to feminization, that is turning oneself into a girly girl for Princess, using Princess as the ultimate role model for femininity, grace, and beauty, it’s natural to pay attention to things like clothes, hair, and makeup. But to My mind, it is equally important while becoming a sweet lil sissy girl, to …

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Mar 16

F.A.T. is still completely and TOTALLY helpless.

Financial Domination... package

This fat assed trucker is pretty much a broke loser. He always paid what he could in R/T sessions and humbly attempted to amuse Me in a plethora of ways! Eating dog food, getting spit on, being bound & gagged, tied and left alone in motel rooms. Fun STUFF! So the fatass is fucked? Indubitably! …

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Feb 10

First Panties


weenietots has his first slave milestone of owning panties for the first time. Sure it’s stolen them from girls before, but owning your own panties is a special occasion for a slave when it first happens. It marks a point in his servitude of only wearing panties from now on. Leaving behind it’s old male …

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Jan 12

weenietots first time in womens clothing


Here’s weenietots with a heaping pile of his roommates panties. She’s out of town so he’s jut helping its self to her closet. Amazingly enough this is weenietots first time wearing a girls panties and bra. I know it’s so rare to find a perv who hasn’t worn panties and a bra. Don’t worry though …

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