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Dec 06

Purrrfection – Princess’s (A)-Musings … or ALPHA musings

by Barbie Addiction Actions PRINCESS PUSSY RULES SHE WHO HAS THE PUSSY TURNS ALL QUIVERING INFERIOR Y-CHROMISITES INTO THE SAME (pussies)SO — lube yourself up and dispense some CA$H and make use of that A$$ A$$, Grass or Ga$pedaling… Them the rules of the road (head) … So you might wonder what it’s like to …

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Apr 22

The subhuman is born into sin, redemption cums by PRAYING PAYING and OBEYING


The subhuman is born into being subhuman. This subhuman breeding cycle is a monstrous breeding ground of original sin. The sin that lies within each subhuman slave varies from subhuman loser to subhuman trash, but it will always be there. Festering and rotting away for so long the subhuman hardly notices their offensive mindset they …

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Apr 19

Daily Mind Scrubbing Brainwashing


The reality is that you live to clear our wish list because you are A pathetic fucking faggot    Drool Obsesss Obey Dedicate your mind and soul Lose all control

Apr 15

You are nothing but Goddess’s animals


Goddess just went to the zoo…    It got her thinking. When she was watching the orangutangs she noticed that they were actually playing very complex social games.  In some ways these animals are more advanced then Goddess’ pathetic pigs and obedient in her zoo. Brainless. Helpless.    Bow down and worship Goddess. Don’t just …

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Apr 13



Becum brainwashed by My beauty    

Apr 07

Meet Miss Kitty : Goddess plays with and transforms her sexy real life r/t sex doll 


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Jan 11

California LOVE


With EVERYDAY day in California I realize the reason they call the desert desolate is because it literally is a wasteland. A wasteland of many racist Republican gun toting Americans, bad air quality and absolutely NOTHING that could sustain human life in any enjoyable way without the Oasis they call society.    This is how you …

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Nov 19

Her Highness’ Divine Diary

Many slaves are freaking out over a Pay2Gay being back, begging to be turned into total fucking faggots at Goddess’ divine hand LOL!!!! Has been updated with 6 reasons why you’re gay. More to cum fag boys.    The trip was covered mostly by Goddess’ dumbest worthless fag pig who begged for the privilege. Ready …

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Oct 07

Female Superiority? I got all the Superior Female you need

So let’s see, in My last diary entry I was filling My money slaves  in on *some* of My trip to Canada so far. I could tell you all about the hotels I stayed at, or the amazing five star restaurants AND the crazy roadside bars in the middle of nowhere bumfuck USA… but, you’re …

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Oct 06

I got that Drive to Domination

I’m sure you money slaves  must be dying to know what Kat and I have gotten up to in the last couple days. So while I’m obviously not going to give you ALL the details, heh… well maybe if you beg… anyway, it was a hell of a long road trip getting here, but of …

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