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Jul 08


Photo on 12-13-16 at 11.43 PM #8 copy


Feb 14



  Varsity cheerleading outfit from Chaparelle high school here in Sedona Arizona ha ha Ha ha ha although I’m gonna have to change after getting seriously sexual for the first time of the day. I love to feel a soft silky smooth cock rubbing against my lips… knowing that its soft smooth erotic sensuality; is …

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Jan 22

My agenda is the only one that should concern you!

financial domination

Goddess is up in the middle of the night as always and has surprisingly just woken up after a few hour nap…. The bar last night was enjoyable. Friends of mine were mixing music and the party went insanely wild as sexy girls including the bartender (they should have got Goddess more drinks first!!) were …

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Jan 04

Humiliate yourself for GODDESS


Ways to humiliate yourself throughout the day Sniff your co workers chairs when the opportunity arises. Sniff the most attractive persons seat first, and then sniff the remaining seats in descending attractiveness. Wear candy smelling perfume; soak yourself in it before work. Wear a buttplug to work at least twice a week. Keep dildos in …

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Dec 22

Shopping. Cleaning. Spending…


Yet MY subhumans are FAILING at suffering properly.  ANGERING GODDESS.  Her Amazon BALANCE has been low for MONTHS!!!! And HER door has not been stacked with gifts nor her ACCOUNTS fleeced with CASH.            Organizing SHOES and HEELS and BOOTS …….    Some shoes will be listed on POSHMARK soon… the …

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Dec 06

Purrrfection – Princess’s (A)-Musings … or ALPHA musings

by Barbie Addiction Actions PRINCESS PUSSY RULES SHE WHO HAS THE PUSSY TURNS ALL QUIVERING INFERIOR Y-CHROMISITES INTO THE SAME (pussies)SO — lube yourself up and dispense some CA$H and make use of that A$$ A$$, Grass or Ga$pedaling… Them the rules of the road (head) … So you might wonder what it’s like to …

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Sep 05

I drive fools absolutely INSANE!

[5/30/2016 2:24:22 AM] Jennifer Richards: Hi there [6/1/2016 9:05:00 AM] Addicted Hopeless Blackmail Foolsson: Hello4 [6/1/2016 9:05:45 AM] Addicted Hopeless Blackmail Foolsson: I am here Goddess! I think about you every day since we have our last cam! So I need a new blackmail contract with you Goddess! [7/6/2016 12:34:56 PM] Addicted Hopeless Blackmail Foolsson: …

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Aug 06

Chains of Addiction ; Serve Suffer Sacrifice

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 5.35.37 AM

There is a sense of beauty in the invisible chains of addiction that you are bound to Me in. Invisibly bound to Goddess to be used and abused at Goddess’s will. Goddess will mold your primordial clay into something of value and purpose. Without Goddess’s hands molding and shaping your pathetic existence you are nothing …

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May 16

Submitting fully to Goddess


Goddess depressed and pig does anything and everything to make it better for GODDESS. EXISTING AND LIVING FOR GODDESS AND HER EVERY WISH AND DESIRE. Bow down and worship Goddess. Bow down and love Goddess in a way that is foreign to most lowly animalistic subhuman minds. The subhuman will love their divine Goddess, and …

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May 03

Embracing your subhuman self selflessly.


Embracing your subhuman self selflessly. There is no natural shame in being a subhuman. There is natural shame if you do not live up to subhuman standards and live in ignorance of this cold hard fact.  The subhuman must embrace what it is and cast aside any ill conceived ideas out itself. The foundation of …

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