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Dec 06

Purrrfection – Princess’s (A)-Musings … or ALPHA musings

by Barbie Addiction Actions PRINCESS PUSSY RULES SHE WHO HAS THE PUSSY TURNS ALL QUIVERING INFERIOR Y-CHROMISITES INTO THE SAME (pussies)SO — lube yourself up and dispense some CA$H and make use of that A$$ A$$, Grass or Ga$pedaling… Them the rules of the road (head) … So you might wonder what it’s like to …

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Apr 07

Training Session #2: Molding My sexy female slave into exactly what Goddess desires… (Pay ATTN sissy slaves!)

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Apr 07

THE FORTUNATE ONES…. re: Members Area (finally here!)

  The Financial Dominatrix, Rinsing, Fetish Members area of complete destruction and sexxxxinesss…. prepare to writhe!  Okay faggots, if you are on this list you can login to this BLOG with your regular user name listed below and your password (reset it if you forget) and have access to the members area for the next …

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Apr 07

Meet Miss Kitty : Goddess plays with and transforms her sexy real life r/t sex doll 


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Oct 25

Who do you think you are fooling?


Just who do you think you are fooling trying to hoard your paycheck, and not sacrificing everything for Goddess. It’s so sad that you actually think you can handle money? It would feel so much better spoiling GODDESS with the money in HER hands. So why in the world do you even pretend that you …

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Sep 28

Financial Domination, Cali Style

I’m starting to think the ONE and ONLY benefit of being an incredibly pathetic fucking LOSER is that you will never know just how incredibly exhausting it is owning so much stuff! I mean, it is really impossible to wrap one’s head around just how MUCH stuff I have managed to fit into this amazing …

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Aug 16

Missed the Money Mistress?

financial domination

Oh being a Money Mistress is hard. Everyone wants what they can’t have…. yet I have everything I want. Since I’ve decided to relocate the (risk for crazy stalkers is decreasing exponentially).… I’ve decided I’m going to start giving you a more intimate close up view of the kind of life I lead here in …

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Mar 03

The Royal Celebration!

Asus EEE PC is in Transit to arrive on MY BIRTHDAY =D

I’m celebrating two things today! First off I’m celebrating My 24th Birthday. The Goddess is wiser, meaner, and more refined than when she started out six years ago. Yes! It has been six years of devious financial domination, extreme humiliation and wallet rapings! I’m up early this morning and I’m about to hop into the …

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Feb 26

Introduction : Financial Domination

I'm going to hurt you... =)

What is financial domination anyways? Are you a financial dominatrix? Why would anyone want to be a financial dominatrix? Why do you deserve my money? How can I be a pathetic loser money slave pig for you Goddess? Are those humiliated losers on your site for real? How can anyone be that pathetic? Do guys …

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Feb 17

The financial fucktress


If you aren’t one of My financial slaves who sent gifts this X-mas… here is a glimpse of what you missed out on… Don’t miss out on My birthday COMING UP MARCH 3RD! Yummy.

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