Buy Me shoes!!!

Foot Slaves

Get addicted to MY perfect feet! Why would you want to settle for anything less then The Princess’s feet. The ultimate in royalty and power. My perfect size 10 feet are going to send you into complete ecstasy. I have been blessed with magnificent arches that are the epitome of perfect female curves. Buy Me …

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*Coming Soon* Comments comments

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Humiliation Slave Ownership

Piggy Roast

EXTREME HUMILIATION     Pathetic Losers who have been VICTIM to GODDESS..   PATHETIC LOSER SLAVES DO ANYTHING GODDESS COMMANDS!!!! hahahahahaha…. make GODDESS laugh & Join the Humiliated Loser Club Today! Meet the Pigs, Roasted and Hung to dry in the SUN                       Future Hooker …

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pantied sissy slave computer wallpaper

Sissy Slaves

Hello future Princesses! I know your deepest desires little girl! It’s time sissies!! It’s time to graduate, and to move on up! Prissy Sissies & Total Transformations It’s time sissies!! It’s time to graduate, and to move on up! It’s time for ME to transform you from sissies to princesses. Ladies of elegance and class. …

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The divine Goddess you could only hope to serve.

Slave Application

The first step in becoming one of The Princesss little acolytes is by filling out The Application. It is important that you as a potential slave can show The Princess that you will be able to put out the effort in fulfilling The Princesss every whim and command that starts here. I WILL be grading …

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Humiliation wank slave

Wank Addiction

Do you know what you were put on this planet for loser? Anything Goddess wants… Of course. Does the pathetic slave know what Goddess wants? I think it has an idea. Looking upon the PERFECTION that is Goddess. Her divine photographs. HER sexy videos. Falling directly to it’s knees and grabbing its pathetic pig clit …

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Slave Financial DOmination

What are slaves saying?

6/06/2007: mikeo4unow : “she is quite mean” 2/17/2007: silverclaw : ” She’s been raping me for ages!   i’ve been addicted to HER for years and i can’t find the words to describe how much SHE controls me.She screwed me in the head. i love HER” 2/09/2007: outofhere: “i will spend my life serving Princess Jennifer, …

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Foot Fetish Freaks

Fetish Addicts

Get addicted to The Princess It’s FUN to get FUCKED! The financial dominatrix will get her claws into you by any means possible. Not only does She enjoy many fetishes She loves the entire process of getting into that mind of yours and rearranging it using your weaknesses as fodder. Beautiful size 10 feet with …

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