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Get addicted to MY perfect feet!

Why would you want to settle for anything less then The Princess’s feet. The ultimate in royalty and power. My perfect size 10 feet are going to send you into complete ecstasy. I have been blessed with magnificent arches that are the epitome of perfect female curves.

Wrap My feet in your cash!!! Buy Me a Sock Dreams e-Gift Card

Wrap My feet in your cash!!! Buy Me a Sock Dreams e-Gift Card

Buy Me socks!!! Wrap MY feet in your cash.

Send to : princess@princessaddiction.com

I love to walk around in my bare feet but they get oh so dirty, you’re going to love licking them clean for me. These perfect toes of mine are going to mesmerize you as you lick the dirt off them. Can you taste them already? You better get all ten toes perfectly clean or you will be punished like the pathetic little toy that you are.

My feet get very sweaty as I walk around in my heels and boots all day. My socks and my silky smooth pantyhose get very smelly. You’re going to fantasize all day about smelling them when I get home and being smothered by my perfect feet.

Zappos : e-Gift Certificates!!!
Jennifer Richards
Send to: princess@princessaddiction.com

I’ve been waiting forever and finally Zappos has E-Certificates!!!! Be one of the first lucky slaves to paper Me in this fashion ((tee hee fashion!))

I have a very large collection of high heeled shoes that I love to wear but hate when they get dirty. You’re going to clean every single pair I have with your tongue. Dont forget to suck the heels clean. I want them looking like they are brand new every time I put them on. As a reward for getting them clean you may stroke your sad pathetic little cock as you do it.

I also like my collection of leather boots to be kept shiny. You’re going to take them off me as soon as I get home and go to work cleaning them as I smother your face with my perfect smelly feet. Having a hard time to breathe under there? HA HA HA HA. I don’t care you pathetic little runt, keep working.



Trampling Vinyl Boot Licking Worship

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Dominated & Destroyed by My Perfect Feet

The financial dominatrix will get her claws into you by any means possible. Not only does She enjoy many fetishes She loves the entire process of getting into that mind of yours and rearranging it using your weaknesses as fodder. Beautiful size 10 feet with curves that will drive you WILD. Flexing, pointing… wiggling those …

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