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What are slaves saying?

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Slave Financial DOmination6/06/2007: mikeo4unow : “she is quite mean”

2/17/2007: silverclaw :
” She’s been raping me for ages!   i’ve been addicted to HER for years and i can’t find the words to describe how much SHE controls me.She screwed me in the head. i love HER”

2/09/2007: outofhere: “i will spend my life serving Princess Jennifer, that is if She does not send me back to the trash where i belong. i would like to spend more time explaining why She is the only One, but i must go back to the assignment She gave me.  If you’ve come to term with the notion that you NEED to be abused and degraded by a younger, smarter Princess, then look no further. This is the number to call.”

12/1/2006: zippym8: “She was great! It was so fantastic I barely lasted.. probably something she’ll make fun of me for next time. Excellent laugh!”

9/27/2006:” Be careful what You look for…She has the ability to squeeze your sissy balls hard as well as bind your will to Her footstep forever. ”

9/25/2006: mikey4062: ” She is the most perfect on Keen.”

8/2/2006: bageljoe:  “cell phone died…before she did, i felt like such a loser as her and Princess Katherine humiliated me. thank you, I will call back soon! ”

7/16/2006: missysissy: ” The most incredible woman I have ever had the hohnour of speaking to. Sorry I ran out of credit”

11/4/2006: Lefy738: “The most seductive out there! There is no way to help myself.”

2/23/2007 sissycuckold” :: SHAME::: I LOVE YOU PRINCESS JENNIFER”

7/28/2006: djs27: “I would do anything for Her, even suck a black cock.”

“i must confess that everything what YOU say about us inferior morons is 100% the truth. i’m an insignificant ugly old twit who could be more than happy to be used by such a divine Goddess like YOU.”

“Princess has turned me into Her inanimate object.”



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