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Sissy Slaves

Hello future Princesses!

I know your deepest desires little girl!

It’s time sissies!! It’s time to graduate, and to move on up!

Prissy Sissies & Total Transformations

It’s time sissies!! It’s time to graduate, and to move on up! It’s time for ME to transform you from sissies to princesses. Ladies of elegance and class. I’m tired of training sissies, they bore ME to tears these days. I’M far more interested in the challenge of turning you into elegance sub-royalty.

You are going to learn to be a proper lady toppling over in heels with the frilliest panties with the biggest wet spot. I’m going to destroy your manhood and turn you into the perfect proper pretty slutty little girl.

Haven’t you imagined being just SO girly for Me?

It’s your fairy tale dream cum true little girl!

I’m ready to take away something you’ve been clinging to for far to long…. YOUR MANHOOD!

I know all about you boi. I know you’re shaking in your panties… the voice inside says “Be a man!”, “I wish MY clitty was bigger”… “Stop sniffing and stealing Women’s Panties!” Then your real voice sneaks out; The Woman you’ve always been inside… She in your pre-cum trickling onto your silky pink panties.

You’re not ready. You can’t do this on your own but you CAN do this with MY assistance. You can be MY pretty little girl when you follow MY firm but kind hand and guidance! Let’s get pretty darling! Let’s get pretty!!!!



Audio Recordings

Sissy Slave Recordings In this recording from 2005; MY friend Kat was visiting ME in Chicago and we were speculating what WE were going to do to little sissy girls. Get forced to be our sissy slave in this sexy recording. Especially for those who like younger girls and giggling. Comments comments

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Fairy Gallery

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My Slutty Sissyboi Slaves

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  1. pantiewimp

    This really could be me,yes I have stolen panties,yes I have a secret stash of lingerie hidden from my wife,yes I yearn to serve,ca cam,just not brave enough.

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