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Piggy Roast


Ha, the closest you'll come to My bed is MAKING IT

Ha, the closest you’ll come to My bed is MAKING IT




Pathetic Losers who have been VICTIM to GODDESS..






hahahahahaha…. make GODDESS laugh &¬†Join the Humiliated Loser Club Today!


Meet the Pigs, Roasted and Hung to dry in the SUN




Mark David gets humiliated

extreme teenage humiliation: ass carrot






xtina xxx faggot humiliation







Poofy Slave

Future Hooker


humiliated pig whore girl

Extreme Humiliation Tranny Slave
Pammy LuvsDick



Dorky McRetard

Dorky McRetard had to be one of my favorite freaks to rape and humiliate. He was the perfect combination of Cash & Amusement. He would do pretty much anything My friends and I could come up with. It amused us endlessly to give this pathetic wiener assignments and watch him dance around to try and …

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Pammy LuvsDick

See more of Pammy on Piggy Roast the Humiliated Loser Club Comments comments

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poofy slave

Extreme Slave Humiliation Poofy, one of My very first slaves at a young and tender age of eighteen in the year 2003. Nearly everyday he sent Me long devotional e-mails and kept up many tasks – such as managing My Yahoo group, going on shopping errands for Me (then mailing what he was ordered to …

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sissy shishii

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The Humiliatrix

Hey bitches! You’ve reached My personal website on the internet! Yeah! I fucking LOVE this shit. I love using you, abusing you and treating you like absolute and TOTAL shit… because it’s what you deserve. Have you even seen yourself? Ha! Like I would have anything to do with you loser unless you were servicing …

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Forced Intoxication and Extreme Humiliation A little game some people like to play EDWARD 40 hands… the only difference between their version and mine? Goddess DEMANDS VODKA in place of BEER!!! Comments comments

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slave pig

Game: Edward 40 Hands

The Piggy Roast : Ultimate humiliation Roasted Pig Preview Pig Roast FUN!!! Let’s Play A Game! I call this game…. EDWARD 40-HANDS Complete MORON Two 40’s of booze Duct tape bottles to hands (use your mouth if need be) STEP FOUR: DRINK, Drink… drinkk… drank…..drunk Pass out and throw up all over yourself and while …

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