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Game: Edward 40 Hands

The Piggy Roast : Ultimate humiliation

Roasted Pig Preview

Pig Roast FUN!!! Let’s Play A Game!

I call this game….

  1. Complete MORON
  2. Two 40’s of booze
  3. Duct tape bottles to hands (use your mouth if need be)
  4. STEP FOUR: DRINK, Drink… drinkk… drank…..drunk
  5. Pass out and throw up all over yourself and while you try and wipe the vomit from your face spew alcohol all over the place. If luck is on The Princess’s side you’ll get it in your eyes, your nose, and all over your computer and work station…. (Good luck getting the bottles off your hands retard!!!! lololol)
  6. Wake up only to realize that you pee’d yourself in your drunken stupor, lost 1000’s of dollars on the internet, all for a night you won’t remember and you still have to answer your wife’s questions about why her clothes smell like a hobo on welfare check day

How did he type? With his tongue.
When did he get to take them off? Who knows!? He passed out at the keyboard and I got bored.




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