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The Humiliatrix

Hey bitches! You’ve reached My personal website on the internet! Yeah! I fucking LOVE this shit. I love using you, abusing you and treating you like absolute and TOTAL shit… because it’s what you deserve. Have you even seen yourself? Ha! Like I would have anything to do with you loser unless you were servicing My needs somehow. Fun Fact! That’s why you exist!

So before even going any further just STOP and ask yourself. “Do i really deserve to read about The Goddess without sending her a gift? “ Chances are the answer is – A BOOMING AND RESOUNDING FUCCCCCK NAW! So move along fuckface and send Me a $10 Amazon Gift Card to princess@princessaddiction.com. It feels good to give in a little doesn’t it? Send that present and know exactly how worthless you are. Mhmm… that’s hot.

I am a 25 year old SEX GODDESS living in Las Vegas. I have a crazy lifestyle where I take advantage of piggies – get spoiled and literally LAVISHED with gifts…. get drunk almost every night and just plain party. I spent a fuck ton of time swimming, walking, drinking, hot tubbing, and shopping. I have a real life too – but you’re never going to get close to that dumbass… so why even BOTHER fantasizing?! duh.




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