Aug 12

Programming your mind for GODDESS’ benefit


“I invite the power of the HOLY GODDESS JENNIFER to take control of MY MIND BODY AND SOUL. May you make My cord of servitude and enslavement between me and GODDESS JENNIFER strong like the chains of a prisoner.

“I welcome anything GODDESS wills upon my life to become my living destiny. I am proud to service HER as a vessel for HER DIVINE magnificence.”


“I give myself over to Goddess fully. WIthout Goddess I am less than nothing. Goddess is with me whenever I have Her in my mind, and I will always be mindful of Goddess. With Goddess in my mind and in my subhuman heart I will fall to the depths of depravity, and I will love and cherish every second of it.”

Anything you can do to bring your essence closer to GODDESS is good and to GIVE TO HER deeply and wholly will make the subhuman whole. 

Burn incense while you pray to GODDESS.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 1.19.08 PM

How large your blanket of GODDESS will be. A divine idea! 

Print out a large blanket with GODDESS’ image on it to hold closely to yourself, wrapping yourself in the essence of Goddess.

If a blanket does not fill your lowly pathetic subhuman needs there is always the option of putting Goddess’s image on a body pillow so you could snuggle Goddess’s image when you are at your most pathetic. 

Light purple candles during stroke and worship time! Low ambient lighting will help you lose your mind totally to Goddess.

Surround yourself with images of Goddess at all times. With the advances of technology it becomes easier and easier to submerge your mind totally in Goddess worship. Put up large pictures of Goddess all over your house.

Print off Goddess on pillow cases, big body pillows, phone cases, ring tones, and the list can go on and will continue to grow. Totally dedicate your life to worshipping Goddess at every second; regardless of how close you currently are to Goddess.

Aug 06

Chains of Addiction ; Serve Suffer Sacrifice

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 5.35.37 AMThere is a sense of beauty in the invisible chains of addiction that you are bound to Me in. Invisibly bound to Goddess to be used and abused at Goddess’s will. Goddess will mold your primordial clay into something of value and purpose. Without Goddess’s hands molding and shaping your pathetic existence you are nothing but a worthless lump with no purpose and meaning. A mound of mud to be stepped and pissed on. But with Goddess’s Divine hands and Will the mound of mud will be shaped into a subhuman loser who has a Divine purpose and mission in life.

Serve Suffer Sacrifice in your Sexy shackles for Goddess

To serve Goddess. To be a subhuman molded by Goddess creates a life debt that you will be shackled to for eternity. Goddess gave you purpose; without Goddess you are less than nothing. So by serving, sacrificing, degrading, worshiping, and essentially living every second of your pathetic worthless life for Goddess, you actually have a purpose and meaning to your lowly pathetic existence. The meaning and sense of satisfaction you get from serving and sacrificing for Goddess is a beautiful gem that you must relish, guard, and nurture.

Dedicate your entire life to Goddess. As monks and holy men of the past you must serve your One true Goddess which gives your entire pathetic lowly life purpose and meaning. Forget everything else, and dedicate every waking second of your life to Goddess.

Cart has been updated on a music production site GODDESS uses… most everything is 50% off, so RELISH in being able to spend more on GODDESS somewhere else… instructions will be sent to it’s Obedience Box (Inbox, email, as previously known)… WL is updated as well. Need hair extensions to upkeep My divine beauty and splendor!



May 16

Submitting fully to Goddess

Goddess depressed and pig does anything and everything to make it better for GODDESS. EXISTING AND LIVING FOR GODDESS AND HER EVERY WISH AND DESIRE.

Bow down and worship Goddess. Bow down and love Goddess in a way that is foreign to most lowly animalistic subhuman minds. The subhuman will love their divine Goddess, and Goddess will hardly acknowledge your pathetic existence. This is the simple beginnings of spiritual love; the love you have for Goddess. Spiritual love is when love radiates through your pathetic pig heart that transcends conventional love since you cannot expect the feelings to be reciprocated from the other side. Goddess will guide you, Goddess will show you the way, Goddess will groom you to be a broken lap dog to yip and yap for Her amusement.


Goddess finally out of the house at the spa….. 

As Goddess’s pet you will obey My every command, or be punished in an according manner. Goddess does not care for your worries or thoughts. Goddess cares for obedience. The subhuman pet must live its life in debt and dedication to Goddess for without their owner they are nothing. Living in servitude to Goddess gives your life meaning and purpose. Waking up and going to bed with images of Goddess dancing and taunting you in your head. Goddess will permeate your mind and control your every thought and action.

The life you live is a life for Goddess. Sacrifice everything at the altar of Goddess so you can truly give yourself over to Goddess and the Truth She possesses. Sacrifice, serve, and live your life totally in dedication to Goddess. Pamper and spoil Goddess. Goddess will send you down the road to depravity and you will sacrifice everything to Goddess to show your gratitude.

May 03

Embracing your subhuman self selflessly.

Embracing your subhuman self selflessly.

There is no natural shame in being a subhuman. There is natural shame if you do not live up to subhuman standards and live in ignorance of this cold hard fact.  The subhuman must embrace what it is and cast aside any ill conceived ideas out itself. The foundation of your subhuman life has been built on the foundation that you are in fact human. 

Sadly this foundation was made by fools blinded by ignorance. As with any faulty foundation it must be destroyed and recreated from the very start. The life you live is the life of a subhuman. Fate has cursed you with the consciousness of an animal, but cursed to be forced to walk down the path of a human. Naturally a cow, dog, sheep, etc would make for a terrible human, just as you have been a failure at being human. But now the blinders may be removed and you can jot down the path of being not quite human. 

the subhuman embraces the path of Goddess so deeply it knows it must PAY SUFFER WORSHIP OBEY

Human consciousness is a Divine gift that not everyone is blessed with, but everyone is told they possess. Well this general misnomer must be corrected, and the best way to do this is at the root of the problem.

No longer should you consider yourself human or equal to any human. If you find other people who share your level of consciousness chances are they are also lost pathetic subhuman shits. What is the purpose of a subhuman existence? 

Simple serve and live your life in total dedication to Goddess. Goddess is not only human; Goddess transcends the plateau of consciousness everyone else is stuck at. Goddess has left the impure  Earth and resides in the ethereal.  So bow down and grovel at the feet which are too perfect for your dumb eyes to look at. Live your life dedicated to something too perfect for your lowly pathetic existence. 

Be grateful that such a Divine creatures even acknowledges your existence. Goddess will touch your mind so it can be healed and set free as the subhuman mind it has always been.

Subhuman weakness… Press the button

Once you admit to yourself what you are exactly then you can start to grow as a subhuman. Embrace and adore the subhuman side of yourself. Live to worship Goddess and all She has to offer. Just being in the online presence of Goddess’s perfection makes your lowly and pathetic life better. 

Sacrificing and giving to someone that is greater than you could ever dream of. Bask in the radiance of Goddess’s perfection. Let Goddess’s perfection radiate warmth permeate through your disgusting lowly body. Feel Goddess’s perfection within yourself, and know that you are nothing without Goddess. So sacrifice, tribute, and serve Goddess however Goddess seems fit. Whatever Goddess says you spring forth and do no matter what.

Apr 24

Building a shrine in Goddess’ honor

Slave Shrine



Goddess used to have slaves build HER shrines in HER honor ritualistically. This is a must for any subhuman to be able to worship and obey Goddess’ hefty demands that HER subhuman slaves fall to their knees and open up their minds to complete and total reprogramming and mental control.

Goddess found these photos online of slaves who had made these in tribute for their domina. Goddess would have much bigger and better things in mind. Tasteful frames, large printed images of the gorgeous GODDESS on display. Tasteful candles and a pedestal to place Goddess’ panties upon if the subhuman was one of the very few lucky subhuman

Apr 22

The subhuman is born into sin, redemption cums by PRAYING PAYING and OBEYING

The subhuman is born into being subhuman. This subhuman breeding cycle is a monstrous breeding ground of original sin. The sin that lies within each subhuman slave varies from subhuman loser to subhuman trash, but it will always be there. Festering and rotting away for so long the subhuman hardly notices their offensive mindset they are cursed with. While the subhuman will be ignorance to their offensive odor it is quite noticeable to anyone that gives more than a glance at your pathetic existence. This rotting from within will never go away, and it will haunt your existence where ever you go. There is no escaping the horrors that lie within your pathetic subhuman unconscious. 
The only way to gain control of your subhuman self is to give yourself over to Goddess. Goddess will manage you and allow you to fulfill your true subhuman potential. No more wandering in sinful ignorance; it is time to claim your subhuman title.

Some people are born to be ditch diggers. Others are born intellectuals. Then some are born to be subhuman servants. The subhuman servant class of humans will never go away. It is something that is ingrained into your genetics that is inescapable. This subhuman servant gene does not care about your social status. The subhuman gene does not care what false ideals you’ve polluted your mind with. The subhuman servant gene demands that you bow down and serve a true Goddess. To pay, pray and obey. To click spend and send mindlessly to cleanse your subhuman soul. Do so without being commanded. Pay. Beg to be exposed. This subhuman servant gene demands you serve Divinity and sacrifice for a true Goddess. Life is pain and life is suffering; life is also so much more. But first you must experience pain and suffering for Goddess to know the bliss that lies beyond.  

Apr 19

Daily Mind Scrubbing Brainwashing

The reality is that you live to clear our wish list because you are

pathetic fucking faggot




Dedicate your mind and soul

Lose all control

Apr 17

Goddess ispires ALL, learning to submit your entire wallet brainlessly 

Bow down to Goddess. Submit and give over to Goddess your entire existence, because your existence without Goddess is empty, cold, and unfulfilled. Sacrificing, pampering, and living your life for Goddess is the bonfire that keeps you alive. Toss a log on the fire of servitude. Spend, send, and sacrifice for Goddess. Cut your wallet and let it bleed for the satisfaction of serving a creature of Divine existence. Living your life for any earthly reason is living your life as an animal. 

Living your life for an ethereal Divine Goddess is living life for a purpose; for something of actual value and meaning. Goddess is too good for this world, and the honor of serving a Goddess is total devotion.

  Goddess comes first; everything else second. The subhuman does not ask anything of Goddess and could not hope to ask anything. The subhuman knows its place that Goddess slightly acknowledging your existence is too much attention. For a glimpse at Goddess is a glimpse into infinity. Do not get lost; no one will ever search for you.

Devoted slave

It writes Me poetry …. Greg Elfrink has been obsessionally devoted for years. New ROAST coming soon. Now using its real name!!! Oh google, THIS should be amusing. 

Apr 15

You are nothing but Goddess’s animals

Goddess just went to the zoo…


It got her thinking. When she was watching the orangutangs she noticed that they were actually playing very complex social games.  In some ways these animals are more advanced then Goddess’ pathetic pigs and obedient in her zoo. Brainless. Helpless.

Bow down and worship Goddess. Don’t just worship Goddess, but obsess over Goddess. Turn your obsession with Goddess into a full blown addiction. Give your entire life over to Goddess for Her to control and rule. Let’s face it subhumans are not capable of thinking for themselves. Like cattle you must be imprisoned by an invisible cage. Otherwise you’ll just wonder off a cliff. Which is far less exciting than being pushed off the cliff of perversion by Goddess.

Apr 13


Becum brainwashed by My beauty 


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