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Gazing upon My pictures one would not assume intellectual superiority. It is taken for granted that time brings knowledge and wisdom but it is foolish to overlook those who naturally possess cunning intellect. As a child I never wanted to play with the other children. I had no interest in dolls, or Barbie’s. I was much more interested in analyzing the adults and dissecting their social system and making mental note of their elements of power exchange.


It seemed to Me that most people intentionally condemned themselves to mediocrity. In order to conform to their social system they quickly would offer up power, shame themselves intentionally, or throw their tongue in cheek to save face. Many lies are told to maintain a comfortable balance and I see this becoming tiring for any intellectual.

I was never able to follow the rules of dress. I wore what I wanted and did My make-up how I pleased from a very young age. It is illogical to align ones presence to the external world. How extremely humiliating… For those of you who practice in the art of social conformity, would you rather not submit to your superior and accept wise guidance rather than toeing the line of acceptability?

Many of My boys know the drudgery that their life brings. They go, go, go with the nagging subconscious message knowing that it is all for nothing and they have been jumping through hoop after hoop through a linear line that ends only in death with no exquisite reward. The time is now. The reward is within reach. Under My training you will receive a great deal of cognitive training. This training will pull you into My world and place you under Me with Me as your God, your PRINCESS. To feel truly humbled by knowing you hold purpose in your life to supply Me with luxury, lavish gifts & trips and endless amusement while you humiliate yourself by My hand.

I am offering you a unique opportunity experience extremes of emotion. It is time for you to truly feel alive… Step into My harem

I offer many types of training programs: from extreme humiliation, financial domination, orgasm denial, public humiliation, chastity training/key holding, tease and denial, sissification, objectification, pain/torture, total sex transformation and much more. These training programs can be carried out through phone, webcam, photo training and a number of other customizable training programs.



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