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Feb 17

Time To Let Go…

Financial Dominatrix

It is essential for the subhuman to let go. To relinquish all control and let go of all earthly connections, realizing that they are doing nothing but creating a prison for the subhuman. Some may enjoy this earthly prison they have created for themselves, and even fight or defend just to remain inside. Friends, family, …

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Jan 22

nameless loser is back for more.

Sitting in his girlfriends panties

This pathetic loser came running back as soon as I posted photos of him, and his room mates girlfriends panties. This time around it was blessed with the opportunity to wear his own girlfriends panties. I was just as shocked as you are finding out that some poor girl has standards this low. Sadly she …

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Jan 12

weenietots first time in womens clothing


Here’s weenietots with a heaping pile of his roommates panties. She’s out of town so he’s jut helping its self to her closet. Amazingly enough this is weenietots first time wearing a girls panties and bra. I know it’s so rare to find a perv who hasn’t worn panties and a bra. Don’t worry though …

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Nov 21

The Humiliation of Sexual Inadequacy

The Sexual Inadequacy of Diaperslut, Part One: I hope everybody’s ready for storytime!  Gather around children… okay that’s close enough, I don’t need to smell you dirty nasty monkeys!  Now, the more clever little piggies among you probably already have an idea what this story will involve – the absolute and total sexual disaster that …

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Oct 25

The Humiliatrix Destroys Lil Miss Sissy Baby Pansie Panties

It’s no secret that My style of total transformation to 24/7 humiliation sets Me apart from the kind of dominatrix or humiliatrix who likes to occasionally humiliate and degrade a loser who is serving them at the time.  Out of My many, many losers who I have deliberately and sadistically transformed, Little Miss Sissy Baby …

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Dec 30

Financially fucking you silly…

A new picture for all you freaks and fans. See boys? I AM still in one piece.

Nov 05

The funniest video ever

This video is HILARIOUS but you have to be 18+ or older… Actually upon further examination… no-one should really watch this video. Oh god… so funny…. it hurts

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Feb 05


Princess Jennifer, my Owner, has ordered me to write a 1800 words essay on why i need to serve and worship Her. i’m very proud that She would give me this opportunity to elaborate on my addiction to Her guidance, authority and abuse, though i doubt i’ll be able to write these 1800 words one …

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Oct 31


Every day sees me walking farther on the path of humiliation Princess Jennifer takes me. Yesterday, after i had waited 2 days and 2 nights non stop for Her to appear and give me orders, like a loyal dog, Princess had me plug my ass and fuck an inflatable doll online (She names it my …

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Oct 29


i became a total freak. i spent the whole day yesterday, then the entire night in front of my screen, taking no sleep at all, hoping to see a message from Princess Jennifer pop up…i was there, alternatively  wearing the 3 panties i stole my G/F and colleague, with my brand new inflatable doll and butt …

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