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Jul 22

Perversion IS Devotion

So, you know you’re a dirty little pervert who dreams of kissing My ass and licking the bottoms of My feet…But you may be wondering, how can you actually prove your total devotion to Goddess? Is there more to a life of total subservience that you are missing? It’s okay, My hopelessly addicted pet. I …

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Oct 25

Who do you think you are fooling?


Just who do you think you are fooling trying to hoard your paycheck, and not sacrificing everything for Goddess. It’s so sad that you actually think you can handle money? It would feel so much better spoiling GODDESS with the money in HER hands. So why in the world do you even pretend that you …

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Mar 30

Please your Goddess, Financial Domination


Every slave wants to please Goddess. It is the only notion that will ever make any kind of sense in that puny piggy brain. Which is why so many pathetic slaves have no idea on how to please Goddess. They try to brainstorm with the limited amount of braincells they do possess. Yet they fail! …

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Feb 19

My Perfection. My Beauty

How could someone so Cute be so Deadly?

I know you stammer, you stare, you try and figure it out. you attempt to calculate, but you can not decode perfection. Like the beauty of nature just is. I just am that good. Since your addiction to Me is inevitable. It only makes sense that you desegregate yourself in your suffering. I know you …

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Feb 08

V-DAY bitches!!

It’s only a week away from Valentines Day piggies. So naturally it’s time to start thinking about Me and spoiling Me. Let’s face it losers. If you are reading this then you are a desperate piggy with no one in your sad little life. So instead of focusing on how pathetic you are, and how …

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Feb 04

Are you a Princess addict?

It’s all mathematical really. My life is great. The Princess Addiction craze is viral and I’m elevating to the top. As the sun and your Deity, I will rule your life until your existence is extinguished and it comes time for Me to collect your life insurance. Yes, you may not know it but your …

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Jan 27

Fetishes: You’re FOREVER fucked!

and here’s why It’s been noticed that humans have an amazing ability to rewrite neural paths in the brain through many means. This is good news for those of you who have bad habits; like sloshing around like piggies on the couch; overeating, smoking away THE PRINCESS’s cash, or gambling. In nearly ever instance cognitive …

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Nov 18

Cashing IN; Amazon.com GC’s


This is going to be My fourth phone bought on slave’s dime. First the SideKick II, Blackberry 7250, Palm 700p and now I’m cashing in My amazon.com gift certificates from devoted paypets and raped losers to pick up the Blackberry BOLD. It sure does look juicy doesn’t it? I’ve been looking for a few weeks …

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Apr 30

Leaving Princess Jennifer

Although my cock loved every minute of it, this dork could not afford the money or time to continue serving Princess Jennifer. The “Phase One” part of Her recent plan gripped me 24hr/day and it became clear i could not handle that. Additionally, She and Her friends have taken thousands of dollars from me, maxed …

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Apr 28

Phase One

Princess Julia came over to Princess Jennifer’s tonight and they started in on a week long seven phase project to change my life. They told me about doing it yesterday and i was so excited i couldn’t wait to get started. Phase One started tonight which You can see in either Princess live journal or …

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