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Feb 24

I’m still here…

And you thought the Goddess disappeared? No you just need to know where to find Me! Like on twitter, or My pay site UltimateBlonde, where you will find My blog. Why would you, loser, get ANYTHING from GODDESS for Free? HAHAHHA!!!!! Lots of new clips for the first time in years.. Total mind control!!!! Goddess …

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Feb 17

Time To Let Go…

Financial Dominatrix

It is essential for the subhuman to let go. To relinquish all control and let go of all earthly connections, realizing that they are doing nothing but creating a prison for the subhuman. Some may enjoy this earthly prison they have created for themselves, and even fight or defend just to remain inside. Friends, family, …

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Aug 14

Bimbo Transformation

Photo on 2010-08-02 at 10.33 #2

I feel that it is makeover time losers. I have been inspired by the return of the Jersey Shore!!! I know it is the epitome of trashy reality television and I cannot get enough of it!! So I want to transform you loser pigs into guidettes. I know it sounds so delicious that it can …

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Mar 24

How to be a Bimbo for Goddess

bimbo attire

Every piggy under My domain should strive to be a complete mindless bimbo for Goddess. Well what does that mean exactly? It means that you must be absolutely brainless and obey My every command loser. It means that every single day you will wank until your clitty until it is sore for Goddess, and then …

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Dec 30

Say Hello to pammy the bimbo.

The bimbo does what she loves most

Now most of you should be familiar with pammy, since she has been serving Me for some time now. This is pammy before she transforms into a bimbo. As you can see she is very boring looking and even a little slack jawed. Which is normal for losers to look like when they are in …

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Oct 25

The Humiliatrix Destroys Lil Miss Sissy Baby Pansie Panties

It’s no secret that My style of total transformation to 24/7 humiliation sets Me apart from the kind of dominatrix or humiliatrix who likes to occasionally humiliate and degrade a loser who is serving them at the time.  Out of My many, many losers who I have deliberately and sadistically transformed, Little Miss Sissy Baby …

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Jul 12

The “tally of tallywhackers” baby has to suck for The Queen

As baby posted earlier in this blog, every time baby and Queen Jennifer type the same thought simultaneously in chat, baby owes The Queen another cocksucking. Well now, the tally is up to 11 mens cocks and 1 tranny cock. To see how this widdle baby cumbucket has gotten itself into such a pwedicament, check …

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Jul 12

How many cocks can a cumbucket suck…?

Quite a while back, Queen Jennifer and I were chatting on MSN, and like we often seem to do, we typed almost the exact same thought simultaneously. “Jinx! You owe it a coke!”, baby typed. Well, Queen Jennifer immediately replied that she was changing the rules. From that point on, if we typed the same …

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Jun 26

Baby sucks a real cock!

A couple days ago, baby recieved a response to its ad on a gay cruising site. Baby has had a profile up on this site for a while, and baby has also posted ads on Craigslist. Baby sent Queen Jennifer and The Imperatrix a copy of the profile pic that was posted on the site …

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Jun 22

Over 8" at least once tonight!

Yesterday’s wasn’t a very productive practice session, but tonight’s felt like one of the best baby has ever had! During baby’s writing exercises and diary drawing, baby decided to treat itself to using AJ’s whipped cum. AJ is a boy in NYC that baby gets cum from every once in a while, and it’s baby’s …

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