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Cuckoldry 101 1 comment

It has come to My attention lately that it can be difficult for certain submissives to accept their role as My cuckold with grace and dignity. They choose instead to fight it, feeling that they are justified in acting resentful and hurt that I would presume to make such an attack on their poor sad little feelings! As if somehow the act of serving Me and being owned by Me entitles them to ownership of My body, or even some kind of say in what I do with it! LOL! It’s not only absurd, but it’s wrong and destructive for any submissive to be resentful and jealous of any real men I should choose to spend My time with, to spend your money with, and to have mind blowing unbelievable sex with. And I will explain just why that is! Part of being a true slave is being happy for your Mistress whenever good things happen to Her, and enjoying everything that real men have to offer Me is absolutely a good thing. For your part, My cuckpet, it only makes sense to enjoy being a proper little bitch instead of sitting there sulking about how you can’t get the woman you were so foolish to desire, and obsessing in a negative way over the fact you can never be with Me… Don’t sulk about being pathetic, cuckold. Embrace it! You are never going to be a real man, so if you don’t accept what you really are, it’s literally […]

Humiliation Tease Ass Worship Video

Humiliation Cuckold Tease Ass Worship Video That’s right losers, My newest Clips4sale members video is up and it’s the Hottest and most Humiliating yet! Princess Addiction demonstrates how worthless you are as She plays with Kat’s perfect ass, right up in the camera in Hi Def! Showing you what you want SO bad and you can never have. This is the lesbian cuckolding you crave.

Destined to be a cuckold 2 comments

“birobbin: Do you like that in a man? You seem like you would be fun on a date.” I have to ask Myself the question… What would possibly posses anyone who messages me to view themselves as a potential suitor? Yes, I have met men off the Internet. HELL… I’ve even fucked guys off the Internet... but never, have I ever, or will I ever, fuck some dude who messages Me on sexual pretenses even in the vanilla world. How you found My website in the first place says a lot about who you are sweetie! What do you think loser? Let me guess! We’re going to meet on here and you’re going to be “different” than these other perverts. We will transcend boundaries and then I will let you come live in My luxurious high rise apartment with Me and after you spend a few hours sniffing My panties and jerking off to all of My blog websites, My pictures and all the mean fucked up things I’m capable of… then you’ll crawl in bed with Me and we’ll cuddle? You might think you like sex, and that you’re even good at it. That’s right! you’re a talented fellow, aren’t you? WRONG! Read more on this coming up on Tuesday… hold onto your panties loser The Goddess 100% Absolute Royalty Blonde Financial Dominatrix Extraordinaire
Katherine and Goddess Jennifer destroy you and your self esteem

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2009; Year of ABSOLUTE ROYALTY 2 comments

The New Year is MINE! Cheer, spread the word, jump for joy, and grab your joystick! 2009 is The Year of Absolute Royalty! I’m in the car right now on My laptop going out for Dinner with My best male buddy. He drives Me around everywhere it’s awesome and in return I let him drive My Jeep (only while he’s driving Me around) It’s a great deal, I think. We’re listening to some awesome 80’s classic rock and going out for some steak & sushi for dinner. I love driving. Especially in My new sparkillly baby but everything in Indiana is so sprawled out I pretty much need someone to drive Me around. How else would I be able to fiddle around on the internet with My BlackBerry Bold 9000? Or update My Livejournal on My laptop? Do My make-up in-route to the destination (I’m a maser of in car mascara… they say NO on the package but I’m just dangerous like that.) Or read Manga while blinding cars coming in the opposite direction with the dome light? Ja, life ist good. As some of you know I totally fucked a lot of you over using My blonde wigs while I dyed My hair every color under the sun from April – December. I had white blonde then white blonde with purple and pink tips in a gradient, then I dyed it half light baby pink and half blonde, after that I went ALL HOT PINK (which was sexy as […]

I don’t like penis, but I want your cash and social status!

I was browsing various areas of craiglist today thinking about setting some traps. It looks to Me that craigslist is mainly full of weirdos… but occasionally there are a few real GEMS. Like this one here! This lovely lady would love to go out on dates with you! Take her out… buy her dinner (Hey! You’re not-dating!) She wants someone to spend time with while shes out that she doesn’t even have to admit is there unless people are looking! I’ve had a few slaves like that. That I would use to talk to like they weren’t even there so I could hear myself talk. Yeah. I’m awesome. I LIKE THE SOUND OF MY VOICE! Onto the AD Have you ever been on a date so bad that you miss the company of your dog? Do you listen to your “happily” coupled friends bitch nonstop about their significant others and secretly sigh with relief? Me too! I admit, I really enjoy being single. I leave the toilet seat down. I filled my bathroom with at least 30 girlie-smelling haircare products and I don’t have to justify to anyone why I need each and every one of them despite the fact that I use the same three every day. I don’t have to pretend to like anyone’s friends but my own. I like knowing I can stock my kitchen with nothing but Lean Cuisine and not have to worry about feeding a guy that won’t eat diet food. The single life […]
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Cashing IN; Amazon.com GC’s 1 comment

This is going to be My fourth phone bought on slave’s dime. First the SideKick II, Blackberry 7250, Palm 700p and now I’m cashing in My amazon.com gift certificates from devoted paypets and raped losers to pick up the Blackberry BOLD. It sure does look juicy doesn’t it? I’ve been looking for a few weeks to find the perfect phone. The Nokia E71 looked promising but I just couldn’t say no to the juicy sexy screen of the BlackBerry Bold. I’m not a big fan of the Iphone while it’s a good idea I couldn’t handle having touch screen only. I eliminated anything without Querty immediately… a touch screen option would be nice as a back-up and to take quick notes. I really enjoyed the Querty + Touchscreen wh/ stylus on the Palm 700p (which I probably will be passing on to my mom to have her move on to being a little bit less technically retarded). They made the move to having external speakers on this beauty which means it’ll be great to watch movies on, catch up on youtube videos of slaves humiliating themselves for my amusement or just good old watching of pornography in inappropriate places. A pet, preferably a cuckold loser is going to pay for my 3g wireless service and phonebill monthly. Contact Me for information on how to fill this lucky position of paying for something so personal.

I’ve got a garbage bag with your name written on it

I’m just laying on my bed with Kat rubbing lotion all over me thinking about how ideal it would be to have a live in who had the sole purpose of serving us in the many ways we require. There are so many things that need to be done! From shaving in the bath, washing my hair for me, deep conditioning treatments. Then when I get out of the bath Ill need to be toweled off, my entire body to be lotioned, a full body/hand and foot massage as well as bi-weekly pedicures complete with polish changes. This is only the beginning of things that would be well taken care of by the proper submissive. I’m thinking if we had all of these surf tasks taken care of for us the proper slave would not need to do any work outside of the home only do things that are below The Imperatrix & I. It is unfortunate many slaves do not hold the self discipline for such a position. Don’t you just LOVE summer? Heading out to the lake. I have to find my bathing suit, a few changes of clothes, my new towel I got in the mail off my wishlist (woo woo!) as well as my astronomical binoculars. I’m gay for the stars… One of you will be purchasing me a lovely Telescope very very soon.


I love New York Season 2 : Tailor Made; YEA! To be a slave!

Look boys! She is laughing at your tiny penis!!! Now; all you cuckie boys you need to go watch it. I won’t spoil it for you; but it is OBVIOUS Tailor Made is a Wimp and a TOTAL slave to her. Haha; he was begging and pleading to give away 5% of his income if She would just return from her date with a giant BLACK MAN! AMAZING; this show is amazing!!! New York is a size Princess. She is always talking about size and how important it is. I totally have to agree with her and this is something Women don’t talk about a lot and penis size is extremely important! What a topic! It is really exciting to Me to find out if you wear chastity long enough your little clitty will actually SHRINK! When I lost diaperslut‘s Chastity key; or Princess Kat threw it off of Lake Michigan’s Pier; I’m not really sure which one. He has been locked up for well under a year and his tiny little clitty has really progressed to about half the size! If ANYONE has info on this loser? Pictures of him taking dildos; wearing pretty dresses! There will be rewards! Oh yes; there will be rewards!!! Personally I think anything under 7+1/2 inches is just too small. Eight 1/2 is more around an ideal size for a Woman to have so I want all you little bitches to go out and buy yourself 8 1/2 inch dildos. diaperslut your 8 […]

Coming to terms; with your patheticness

The moon has been bursting through the sky something fantastic the last few weeks. I think it must be having an effect on your little brains too because they just turn to mush! You little slaves; sitting at home. Clutching your little clitties inside your panties; just dreaming; drooling and hoping for attention from Moi. That’s cool thou – because I love it when you are pathetic. You losers really need to get the point; that if you aren’t going to be real men for Me. Which trust Me; you never will be… you need to come to terms with learning your place as a little slave. A little subby; and perhaps you DO need to come to terms with the fact that you have a micro penis; and that no one would want to sleep with you. Maybe you’ve got a few girls drunk; maybe you got laid that time; but it WAS just a rebound wasn’t it? Or maybe she was just using you? Haha; maybe! JUST MAYBE! You are one of the losers who got married and your wife; who you THOUGHT was the love of your life; took everything! Hahaha! You losers need to impress Me; and do you know how sweetie? That’s right; diving to new depths of depravity. I want to make you uncomfortable; I won’t be happy unless I’m pushing your limits. Satisfy Me; with your worthlessness for My gain and Amusement. I DO Deserve to be happy! I slept in all day; […]

Slaves on reality TV

OMG There is a total slave on I Love New York 2. His name is Tailor Made and I want to throw him off a cliff. The way he acts just screams scummy slave. I bet when New York belittles him he gets a huge boner, which would be tiny compared to real men. I hate him so much he reminds Me of all the slaves that I hate who think they’re so smart, but really have intelligence comparable to people who huff gasoline. If he is a slave I’m going to find him….