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Cuckoldry 101

It has come to My attention lately that it can be difficult for certain submissives to accept their role as My cuckold with grace and dignity. They choose instead to fight it, feeling that they are justified in acting resentful … Continue reading

Humiliation Tease Ass Worship Video

Humiliation Cuckold Tease Ass Worship Video That’s right losers, My newest Clips4sale members video is up and it’s the Hottest and most Humiliating yet! Princess Addiction demonstrates how worthless you are as She plays with Kat’s perfect ass, right up … Continue reading

Destined to be a cuckold

“birobbin: Do you like that in a man? You seem like you would be fun on a date.” I have to ask Myself the question… What would possibly posses anyone who messages me to view themselves as a potential suitor? … Continue reading


The New Year is MINE! Cheer, spread the word, jump for joy, and grab your joystick! 2009 is The Year of Absolute Royalty! I’m in the car right now on My laptop going out for Dinner with My best male … Continue reading

I don’t like penis, but I want your cash and social status!

I was browsing various areas of craiglist today thinking about setting some traps. It looks to Me that craigslist is mainly full of weirdos… but occasionally there are a few real GEMS. Like this one here! This lovely lady would … Continue reading

Cashing IN; Amazon.com GC’s

This is going to be My fourth phone bought on slave’s dime. First the SideKick II, Blackberry 7250, Palm 700p and now I’m cashing in My amazon.com gift certificates from devoted paypets and raped losers to pick up the Blackberry … Continue reading

I’ve got a garbage bag with your name written on it

I’m just laying on my bed with Kat rubbing lotion all over me thinking about how ideal it would be to have a live in who had the sole purpose of serving us in the many ways we require. There … Continue reading

I love New York Season 2 : Tailor Made; YEA! To be a slave!

Look boys! She is laughing at your tiny penis!!! Now; all you cuckie boys you need to go watch it. I won’t spoil it for you; but it is OBVIOUS Tailor Made is a Wimp and a TOTAL slave to … Continue reading

Coming to terms; with your patheticness

The moon has been bursting through the sky something fantastic the last few weeks. I think it must be having an effect on your little brains too because they just turn to mush! You little slaves; sitting at home. Clutching … Continue reading

Slaves on reality TV

OMG There is a total slave on I Love New York 2. His name is Tailor Made and I want to throw him off a cliff. The way he acts just screams scummy slave. I bet when New York belittles … Continue reading