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Mar 24

How to be a Bimbo for Goddess

bimbo attire

Every piggy under My domain should strive to be a complete mindless bimbo for Goddess. Well what does that mean exactly? It means that you must be absolutely brainless and obey My every command loser. It means that every single day you will wank until your clitty until it is sore for Goddess, and then …

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Jul 12

The “tally of tallywhackers” baby has to suck for The Queen

As baby posted earlier in this blog, every time baby and Queen Jennifer type the same thought simultaneously in chat, baby owes The Queen another cocksucking. Well now, the tally is up to 11 mens cocks and 1 tranny cock. To see how this widdle baby cumbucket has gotten itself into such a pwedicament, check …

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Jul 12

How many cocks can a cumbucket suck…?

Quite a while back, Queen Jennifer and I were chatting on MSN, and like we often seem to do, we typed almost the exact same thought simultaneously. “Jinx! You owe it a coke!”, baby typed. Well, Queen Jennifer immediately replied that she was changing the rules. From that point on, if we typed the same …

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Jul 09

Stop the Pushin’ Pullin and Screamin’

It’s morning and I’m awake. I’ve been fighting through the tiredness for what feels like forever. I’ve started to become a glutton for energy drink sodas I’ve been pounding them back harder than I’d pound a little sissy whores pussy with my strap-on while pullin’ her pigtails. I still feel really mentally “foggy” which is …

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Jul 08

Penetration of pathetic pussies

As some of you know I had the same boyfriend forever in the past. Now that I’m open up and single again I ended up getting really drunk at the pool and making out with Kat. We went from making out and getting absolutely assaulted by the crazy militant “I must upkeep society church standards …

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Jun 26

Baby sucks a real cock!

A couple days ago, baby recieved a response to its ad on a gay cruising site. Baby has had a profile up on this site for a while, and baby has also posted ads on Craigslist. Baby sent Queen Jennifer and The Imperatrix a copy of the profile pic that was posted on the site …

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Jun 22

Over 8" at least once tonight!

Yesterday’s wasn’t a very productive practice session, but tonight’s felt like one of the best baby has ever had! During baby’s writing exercises and diary drawing, baby decided to treat itself to using AJ’s whipped cum. AJ is a boy in NYC that baby gets cum from every once in a while, and it’s baby’s …

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Jun 19

Deepthroat : Slow and steady progress

You’ve seen the likes of Jeanna Fine, Bobbi Bliss and Little Oral Annie do it, and they make it look easy – make a 10″+ cock completely disappear in their throats. Well, as baby cumbucket has learned, it’s nowhere near easy. As a matter of fact, even with lots of practice and training from Queen …

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