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Sep 12

Socks 4 your Soul

Sep 04

Big financial domination update about My life

Green Photoshop effect for Financial Domination

I’m always beyond hesitant to share intimate details of My life with any of My addicted pets. I’m a Financial Dominatrix and a Luxury Princess-Princess do you really think I should EVER divulge personal information and tid-bits about My life unless I absolutely feel like it? Well, lucky for you slave it’s your lucky day!! …

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Aug 16

Missed the Money Mistress?

financial domination

Oh being a Money Mistress is hard. Everyone wants what they can’t have…. yet I have everything I want. Since I’ve decided to relocate the (risk for crazy stalkers is decreasing exponentially).… I’ve decided I’m going to start giving you a more intimate close up view of the kind of life I lead here in …

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Aug 15

The Life Financial Domination Buys

No one knows it better than The Financial Dominatrix, that Financial Domination buys a pretty sexy lifestyle. I’ve not bothered to upload My recent pictures and videos keeping — only for the closest pets and a few mutts I’ve bestowed with My pity have received them. Toronto is seriously party town and I have to …

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Aug 14

Toronto Vacation

The financial goddess has an appetite for CASH and LUXURY that can not be satiated! Here is a little sneak into HER royal life while She’s on Vacation in downtown Toronto. More Vacation plans in September with Goddess Kat. If you want to see more financial dominatrix videos you will have to keep an eye …

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Jul 12

Video for her Foot pet

Apr 02

financial domination against TOS?! FUCK YOUTUBE

I logged in this morning… only to see. That means ALL MY sexy sissy, financial domination, humiliation and other videos that were recorded directly to youtube are GONE. I am LIVID. I’m not 100% yet as to getting rid of this nasty flu, so if you’re expecting a package from Me they’re going to get …

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