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Jul 22

Perversion IS Devotion

So, you know you’re a dirty little pervert who dreams of kissing My ass and licking the bottoms of My feet…But you may be wondering, how can you actually prove your total devotion to Goddess? Is there more to a life of total subservience that you are missing? It’s okay, My hopelessly addicted pet. I …

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Feb 24

I’m still here…

And you thought the Goddess disappeared? No you just need to know where to find Me! Like on twitter, or My pay site UltimateBlonde, where you will find My blog. Why would you, loser, get ANYTHING from GODDESS for Free? HAHAHHA!!!!! Lots of new clips for the first time in years.. Total mind control!!!! Goddess …

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Feb 17

Time To Let Go…

Financial Dominatrix

It is essential for the subhuman to let go. To relinquish all control and let go of all earthly connections, realizing that they are doing nothing but creating a prison for the subhuman. Some may enjoy this earthly prison they have created for themselves, and even fight or defend just to remain inside. Friends, family, …

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Sep 28

Whitesnake like never before

Apparently this video is too hoot for FaceBook….enjoy!!

May 25

Failure to Submit

I get a lot of emails via Niteflirt and through My regular email from guys who tell Me that they desperately want to call and speak to Me over the phone. Which is of course totally understandable. But the surprising thing is just how terrified you are to pick up that phone and call Me, …

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Mar 24

How to be a Bimbo for Goddess

bimbo attire

Every piggy under My domain should strive to be a complete mindless bimbo for Goddess. Well what does that mean exactly? It means that you must be absolutely brainless and obey My every command loser. It means that every single day you will wank until your clitty until it is sore for Goddess, and then …

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Feb 10

First Panties


weenietots has his first slave milestone of owning panties for the first time. Sure it’s stolen them from girls before, but owning your own panties is a special occasion for a slave when it first happens. It marks a point in his servitude of only wearing panties from now on. Leaving behind it’s old male …

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Jan 22

nameless loser is back for more.

Sitting in his girlfriends panties

This pathetic loser came running back as soon as I posted photos of him, and his room mates girlfriends panties. This time around it was blessed with the opportunity to wear his own girlfriends panties. I was just as shocked as you are finding out that some poor girl has standards this low. Sadly she …

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Jan 12

weenietots first time in womens clothing


Here’s weenietots with a heaping pile of his roommates panties. She’s out of town so he’s jut helping its self to her closet. Amazingly enough this is weenietots first time wearing a girls panties and bra. I know it’s so rare to find a perv who hasn’t worn panties and a bra. Don’t worry though …

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Dec 30

Say Hello to pammy the bimbo.

The bimbo does what she loves most

Now most of you should be familiar with pammy, since she has been serving Me for some time now. This is pammy before she transforms into a bimbo. As you can see she is very boring looking and even a little slack jawed. Which is normal for losers to look like when they are in …

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