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Apr 29

Reflections on My Innate Superiority

I have been thinking of the countless ways that I completely and totally defy any and all societal expectations of what it means to be human. How much excellence can one possibly possess? It simply does not add up in ANY way. Start to think, think hard, this is because I am not simply “human”. …

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Feb 24

I’m still here…

And you thought the Goddess disappeared? No you just need to know where to find Me! Like on twitter, or My pay site UltimateBlonde, where you will find My blog. Why would you, loser, get ANYTHING from GODDESS for Free? HAHAHHA!!!!! Lots of new clips for the first time in years.. Total mind control!!!! Goddess …

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Feb 17

Time To Let Go…

Financial Dominatrix

It is essential for the subhuman to let go. To relinquish all control and let go of all earthly connections, realizing that they are doing nothing but creating a prison for the subhuman. Some may enjoy this earthly prison they have created for themselves, and even fight or defend just to remain inside. Friends, family, …

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Oct 25

Who do you think you are fooling?


Just who do you think you are fooling trying to hoard your paycheck, and not sacrificing everything for Goddess. It’s so sad that you actually think you can handle money? It would feel so much better spoiling GODDESS with the money in HER hands. So why in the world do you even pretend that you …

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Jun 01

Cuckoldry 101

It has come to My attention lately that it can be difficult for certain submissives to accept their role as My cuckold with grace and dignity. They choose instead to fight it, feeling that they are justified in acting resentful and hurt that I would presume to make such an attack on their poor sad …

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May 25

Failure to Submit

I get a lot of emails via Niteflirt and through My regular email from guys who tell Me that they desperately want to call and speak to Me over the phone. Which is of course totally understandable. But the surprising thing is just how terrified you are to pick up that phone and call Me, …

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Mar 30

Please your Goddess, Financial Domination


Every slave wants to please Goddess. It is the only notion that will ever make any kind of sense in that puny piggy brain. Which is why so many pathetic slaves have no idea on how to please Goddess. They try to brainstorm with the limited amount of braincells they do possess. Yet they fail! …

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Mar 01

Forever Mine.

Feeling My power is intoxicating. Like a moth to a flame, you are not just enamored, you are compelled. you can not stay away, not for long, My pull is magnetic. Do you think you are free, because I allow you to run for short intervals? Do you not feel My power has an even …

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Feb 08

V-DAY bitches!!

It’s only a week away from Valentines Day piggies. So naturally it’s time to start thinking about Me and spoiling Me. Let’s face it losers. If you are reading this then you are a desperate piggy with no one in your sad little life. So instead of focusing on how pathetic you are, and how …

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Feb 04

Are you a Princess addict?

It’s all mathematical really. My life is great. The Princess Addiction craze is viral and I’m elevating to the top. As the sun and your Deity, I will rule your life until your existence is extinguished and it comes time for Me to collect your life insurance. Yes, you may not know it but your …

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