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Jun 15

Strawberry Kamikaze

Goddess kissed death that was put upon HER divine lips by none other than a Strawberry. How the fuck did things end up like this? Goddess felt as if She was drowning… not able to make sense of Her life as everything spun wildly out of control. Her life of luxury and opulence was not …

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Mar 09

Lose your MIND; Submit your SOUL

Sacrifice for My Beauty Princess@PrincessAddiction.com Balance is low, as it should never be. Send Me gifts for no other reason than I am beautiful, powerful and perfect. I am GODDESS. Tributes are different than paid mails, paid sessions etc. While one is a GIFT the other is something you must BUY from Goddess. Spending Opportunity, …

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Mar 03

The significance of Goddess’s date of birth

Now, at first I had written off numerology completely, I viewed it like fortune telling or Astrology. That was until I had read Carl Jung’s book on Synchronicity. He did a plethora of tests using the moon signs of couples and the success of their relationships in relation to astrological compatibility. The results were beyond …

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Dec 07

Spending opportunities


Amazon.com Widgets Goddess’s wishlist must always be worshipped. Each and every day on your knees, staring at what you know you must buy as your brain melts harder and harder staring at HER perfect image. Here is what you are missing if you didn’t see the beautiful dominant bitchy beautiful sexy and addictive Goddess on …

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Jan 29

Supreme Deity

How could Einstein accomplish so much with a mere IQ of 160? Overexcitability is your answer. Don’t expect what is satisfactory to you will be satisfactory to Me. My body is extremely advanced and sensitive. When I was a young girl I would get headaches in school when they would be using cooking oil in …

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Jan 17

A prayer to THE QUEEN

my Queen , thank You for allowing it the privilege to write a prayer to Your feet ……..  it hopes You like it Hail the QUEEN The Lord Thou are and this thought fills me with joy. i wish for no other than You. i kneel at Thy feet, as Thy slave; my body , …

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Mar 23

Small Talk = Block

I’ve always been different than everyone else. Things just aren’t so simple for Me. Even down to a really easy question people can’t seem to decipher My behavior. To Reflect; When I was a little girl, My friend Christena (some of you might remember her, My roommate who Dommed with Me when I was 18 …

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