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Feb 04

Are you a Princess addict?

It’s all mathematical really. My life is great. The Princess Addiction craze is viral and I’m elevating to the top. As the sun and your Deity, I will rule your life until your existence is extinguished and it comes time for Me to collect your life insurance. Yes, you may not know it but your …

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Jan 22

nameless loser is back for more.

Sitting in his girlfriends panties

This pathetic loser came running back as soon as I posted photos of him, and his room mates girlfriends panties. This time around it was blessed with the opportunity to wear his own girlfriends panties. I was just as shocked as you are finding out that some poor girl has standards this low. Sadly she …

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Jan 12

weenietots first time in womens clothing


Here’s weenietots with a heaping pile of his roommates panties. She’s out of town so he’s jut helping its self to her closet. Amazingly enough this is weenietots first time wearing a girls panties and bra. I know it’s so rare to find a perv who hasn’t worn panties and a bra. Don’t worry though …

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Dec 30

Say Hello to pammy the bimbo.

The bimbo does what she loves most

Now most of you should be familiar with pammy, since she has been serving Me for some time now. This is pammy before she transforms into a bimbo. As you can see she is very boring looking and even a little slack jawed. Which is normal for losers to look like when they are in …

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Apr 30

Leaving Princess Jennifer

Although my cock loved every minute of it, this dork could not afford the money or time to continue serving Princess Jennifer. The “Phase One” part of Her recent plan gripped me 24hr/day and it became clear i could not handle that. Additionally, She and Her friends have taken thousands of dollars from me, maxed …

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Apr 28

Phase One

Princess Julia came over to Princess Jennifer’s tonight and they started in on a week long seven phase project to change my life. They told me about doing it yesterday and i was so excited i couldn’t wait to get started. Phase One started tonight which You can see in either Princess live journal or …

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Apr 27

Princess plans to change my life

Today i am in agony and sooooo excited i can’t stand it. Princess Jennifer had me take a pic of myself and said She and Her girlfriend Princess Julia have BIG plans to change my life. They said they will be unveiling my new life starting tomorrow over the next week. Princess also wants me …

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Apr 17

More $$$ for Princess and Her Girlfriends – dorky gets a job

This dork was just talking with Princess Jennifer and She instructed me to update this journal. She was laughing at me cause i told Her i started a new job. It is on commissions, with a min salary for 3 months (just enough to cover my expenses, including my minimum credit card payments); but if …

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Apr 11

Princess Jennifer and Princess Julia rape me silly with their mind control strap-ons

OMG; Princess Julia was visting Princess Jennifer when i logged online and they started teasing me to get me to put in my butt plug. They first started calling it their mind control device and then their mind control strap-ons. they took me to talk sugar and started raping me; they then recorded waves of …

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Apr 03

Gay Phone Sex Punishment

This dork is unemployed and of course been drained by Princess Jennifer and her friends, so i have such a hard time making ends meet as it is. i just couldn’t helpmyself and Princess recently raped me including something off Her amazon wishlist. After i did cum i disovered the amazon item had not been …

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