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Nov 05

A Greedy Goddess Never Forgets….

I was going to play nice. I was going to let you run. I’m not going to lower Myself to play such childish games. I even knew you were serving someone else, and still I was going play nice. Even after you went on and on about how you served Me “exclusively” and you were …

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Jan 22

nameless loser is back for more.

Sitting in his girlfriends panties

This pathetic loser came running back as soon as I posted photos of him, and his room mates girlfriends panties. This time around it was blessed with the opportunity to wear his own girlfriends panties. I was just as shocked as you are finding out that some poor girl has standards this low. Sadly she …

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Jan 12

weenietots first time in womens clothing


Here’s weenietots with a heaping pile of his roommates panties. She’s out of town so he’s jut helping its self to her closet. Amazingly enough this is weenietots first time wearing a girls panties and bra. I know it’s so rare to find a perv who hasn’t worn panties and a bra. Don’t worry though …

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Dec 31

A Conversation with little miss sissy baby pansy panties

tryr (10)

I decided that it would be humorous to share a conversation I had with little miss sissy baby pansy panties. I am only posting one of the nine parts here and the rest at piggyroast. 03 pt 3 (sissy talks and lets it all go) In part four little miss sissy baby pansy panties “lets …

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Oct 06

I got that Drive to Domination

I’m sure you money slaves  must be dying to know what Kat and I have gotten up to in the last couple days. So while I’m obviously not going to give you ALL the details, heh… well maybe if you beg… anyway, it was a hell of a long road trip getting here, but of …

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Aug 21

Just a reminder The Financial Dominatrix owns The Internet

Oh Financial domination, you are a beautiful thing, what is even more beautiful? Me of course!!!! I’m amazing fantastic and fantastical, which is why I own the internet. If you are looking for videos and pictures of MOI there are several places to get them online. You could start by checking out My new online …

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Mar 22

Destined to be a cuckold

Katherine and Goddess Jennifer destroy you and your self esteem

“birobbin: Do you like that in a man? You seem like you would be fun on a date.” I have to ask Myself the question… What would possibly posses anyone who messages me to view themselves as a potential suitor? Yes, I have met men off the Internet. HELL… I’ve even fucked guys off the …

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Jan 09

I wish he were MINE!!!!

When he says, “Don’t dip for fries in oil vats it really hurts bad and so do skin grafts” I don’t think he was referring to most of My viewing audience financial fucks on WorshipPrincessAddiction.com. You can go ahead and do that just make sure to take out nice big insurance policies in My name.

Nov 09

Captain UNIBROW —- in utter truth!

Humiliated A$$hole

Jan 19

Rejoice, I might let you admire Me from afar.

I’m threw a few of you losers bones in the brief few minutes I’ve been online today over at My Mom’s house feeding her fish and what-not while She is on vacation and I sent you some short messages. If you aren’t one of the piggies I got back to today, your message must have …

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