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Oct 06

I got that Drive to Domination

I’m sure you money slaves  must be dying to know what Kat and I have gotten up to in the last couple days. So while I’m obviously not going to give you ALL the details, heh… well maybe if you beg… anyway, it was a hell of a long road trip getting here, but of …

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Aug 21

Just a reminder The Financial Dominatrix owns The Internet

Oh Financial domination, you are a beautiful thing, what is even more beautiful? Me of course!!!! I’m amazing fantastic and fantastical, which is why I own the internet. If you are looking for videos and pictures of MOI there are several places to get them online. You could start by checking out My new online …

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Aug 15

The Life Financial Domination Buys

No one knows it better than The Financial Dominatrix, that Financial Domination buys a pretty sexy lifestyle. I’ve not bothered to upload My recent pictures and videos keeping — only for the closest pets and a few mutts I’ve bestowed with My pity have received them. Toronto is seriously party town and I have to …

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Mar 03

The Royal Celebration!

Asus EEE PC is in Transit to arrive on MY BIRTHDAY =D

I’m celebrating two things today! First off I’m celebrating My 24th Birthday. The Goddess is wiser, meaner, and more refined than when she started out six years ago. Yes! It has been six years of devious financial domination, extreme humiliation and wallet rapings! I’m up early this morning and I’m about to hop into the …

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Jan 29

Supreme Deity

How could Einstein accomplish so much with a mere IQ of 160? Overexcitability is your answer. Don’t expect what is satisfactory to you will be satisfactory to Me. My body is extremely advanced and sensitive. When I was a young girl I would get headaches in school when they would be using cooking oil in …

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Jan 12

Small Penis: Part two

Click here for Part one: You see why I am concerned and MUST look out for these Women’s safety and well-being. The government does not hesitate to step in to make a choice for someone who is not mentally able to do so. I must take evasive action! Ensuring tragedy does not take place by …

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Jan 02


dominant goddess with black hair

The New Year is MINE! Cheer, spread the word, jump for joy, and grab your joystick! 2009 is The Year of Absolute Royalty! I’m in the car right now on My laptop going out for Dinner with My best male buddy. He drives Me around everywhere it’s awesome and in return I let him drive …

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Dec 28

Merry Ho-Ho-Holidays Ho-bags!!!

My Vacation (see My private life money slavery journal for details) was lovely but cost Me a fortune. Which in turn is going to end up costing you brain dead doorknobs a fortune! I’m going to tally up what My vacation cost Me and put up a “Pay for My vacation” ticker on My website …

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Nov 11

New GC balance…

Gift Certificate Balance

Nov 05

The funniest video ever

This video is HILARIOUS but you have to be 18+ or older… Actually upon further examination… no-one should really watch this video. Oh god… so funny…. it hurts

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