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Jul 22

Perversion IS Devotion

So, you know you’re a dirty little pervert who dreams of kissing My ass and licking the bottoms of My feet…But you may be wondering, how can you actually prove your total devotion to Goddess? Is there more to a life of total subservience that you are missing? It’s okay, My hopelessly addicted pet. I …

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Apr 29

Reflections on My Innate Superiority

I have been thinking of the countless ways that I completely and totally defy any and all societal expectations of what it means to be human. How much excellence can one possibly possess? It simply does not add up in ANY way. Start to think, think hard, this is because I am not simply “human”. …

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May 25

Failure to Submit

I get a lot of emails via Niteflirt and through My regular email from guys who tell Me that they desperately want to call and speak to Me over the phone. Which is of course totally understandable. But the surprising thing is just how terrified you are to pick up that phone and call Me, …

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Feb 19

My Perfection. My Beauty

How could someone so Cute be so Deadly?

I know you stammer, you stare, you try and figure it out. you attempt to calculate, but you can not decode perfection. Like the beauty of nature just is. I just am that good. Since your addiction to Me is inevitable. It only makes sense that you desegregate yourself in your suffering. I know you …

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Jun 22

What is financial domination?

Financial domination is surrender. It is the act of surrendering the one vital element that you still possess that allows you to call yourself a man. It’s vital to your survival, as without appealing to Me with your cash you won’t exist to Me at all… and if you don’t exist to Me? Hunny, you …

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May 21

Perfect Money Mistress

surpreme mean Financial Dominatrix

Jan 28

View from My High-Rise Apartment

view from My high rise apartment in downtown Chicago overlooking Navy Pier

View from My Highrise Apartment (not a postcard LOL)

Jan 26

Diapered dummy; conditioned from childhood

The Princess: What is the most pathetic thing you’ve done for a superior woman like MyselfDiapered Loser: honestly, there was one memorable event with my mother and i when i was growing upThe Princess: Oh?Diapered Loser: yes … i was about 10 yrs old11:54 and had been “sassy” with her11:56 anyway, one night i happened …

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Jan 22

small penis confessional

Oooh, I am just so full of great ideas. I think someone should just pay Me to sit on a beach with a drink in hand and think, think, think… because I’m so fucking brilliant! It just makes sense! Surely after realizing that most of our current amenities were provided for Us by a small …

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Jan 16

TUBE TOPS! show off them slave titties

I want to make a montage of humiliated freako slaves in TUBETOPS. You’ll look really sexy for Me in your smashing styling tubetops! Maybe you can even steal one from your piggie wives! This goes for you too sissy boys… Hurry up and contact Me now… or just send the pictures to goddess@absoluteroyalty.net.

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