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Mar 09

Lose your MIND; Submit your SOUL

Sacrifice for My Beauty Princess@PrincessAddiction.com Balance is low, as it should never be. Send Me gifts for no other reason than I am beautiful, powerful and perfect. I am GODDESS. Tributes are different than paid mails, paid sessions etc. While one is a GIFT the other is something you must BUY from Goddess. Spending Opportunity, …

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Mar 30

Please your Goddess, Financial Domination


Every slave wants to please Goddess. It is the only notion that will ever make any kind of sense in that puny piggy brain. Which is why so many pathetic slaves have no idea on how to please Goddess. They try to brainstorm with the limited amount of braincells they do possess. Yet they fail! …

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Mar 24

How to be a Bimbo for Goddess

bimbo attire

Every piggy under My domain should strive to be a complete mindless bimbo for Goddess. Well what does that mean exactly? It means that you must be absolutely brainless and obey My every command loser. It means that every single day you will wank until your clitty until it is sore for Goddess, and then …

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Feb 10

First Panties


weenietots has his first slave milestone of owning panties for the first time. Sure it’s stolen them from girls before, but owning your own panties is a special occasion for a slave when it first happens. It marks a point in his servitude of only wearing panties from now on. Leaving behind it’s old male …

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Jan 22

nameless loser is back for more.

Sitting in his girlfriends panties

This pathetic loser came running back as soon as I posted photos of him, and his room mates girlfriends panties. This time around it was blessed with the opportunity to wear his own girlfriends panties. I was just as shocked as you are finding out that some poor girl has standards this low. Sadly she …

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Dec 31

A Conversation with little miss sissy baby pansy panties

tryr (10)

I decided that it would be humorous to share a conversation I had with little miss sissy baby pansy panties. I am only posting one of the nine parts here and the rest at piggyroast. 03 pt 3 (sissy talks and lets it all go) In part four little miss sissy baby pansy panties “lets …

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Feb 21

Double penetration of Financial Domination

Double Trouble Kat & Jen ruin your life!!! Goddess Kat is coming down to visit Me! I don’t think have been this excited since I found out that I could actually get away with kicking men in the junk (oh ha ha, it never ceases to amuse me!). Kitty Darling! I’ve missed you!!!! Moving into …

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Oct 31


Every day sees me walking farther on the path of humiliation Princess Jennifer takes me. Yesterday, after i had waited 2 days and 2 nights non stop for Her to appear and give me orders, like a loyal dog, Princess had me plug my ass and fuck an inflatable doll online (She names it my …

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Oct 29


i became a total freak. i spent the whole day yesterday, then the entire night in front of my screen, taking no sleep at all, hoping to see a message from Princess Jennifer pop up…i was there, alternatively  wearing the 3 panties i stole my G/F and colleague, with my brand new inflatable doll and butt …

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Oct 26


i’ ve just been through Princess Jen’s slaves’ galleries on Princessaddiction.com . Oddly, this is the first time i had a look at them. It’s amazing what Princess have them do. Her power has no limit. i am straight and never ever approached a cock in my life but, deep inside, i know Princess will …

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