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Oct 07

Female Superiority? I got all the Superior Female you need

So let’s see, in My last diary entry I was filling My money slaves  in on *some* of My trip to Canada so far. I could tell you all about the hotels I stayed at, or the amazing five star restaurants AND the crazy roadside bars in the middle of nowhere bumfuck USA… but, you’re …

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Oct 06

I got that Drive to Domination

I’m sure you money slaves  must be dying to know what Kat and I have gotten up to in the last couple days. So while I’m obviously not going to give you ALL the details, heh… well maybe if you beg… anyway, it was a hell of a long road trip getting here, but of …

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Aug 15

The Life Financial Domination Buys

No one knows it better than The Financial Dominatrix, that Financial Domination buys a pretty sexy lifestyle. I’ve not bothered to upload My recent pictures and videos keeping — only for the closest pets and a few mutts I’ve bestowed with My pity have received them. Toronto is seriously party town and I have to …

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Aug 14

Toronto Vacation

The financial goddess has an appetite for CASH and LUXURY that can not be satiated! Here is a little sneak into HER royal life while She’s on Vacation in downtown Toronto. More Vacation plans in September with Goddess Kat. If you want to see more financial dominatrix videos you will have to keep an eye …

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Jul 03

Selfish Insensitive Party Girl


Jesus Christ Saved My LIFE!!!! Some old hag was nice enough to single me out… and HALLELUJAH! I’m saved. ROFL!!

Nov 04

Bouncing around the World

I’m laying in bed overlooking the Lake and I have a perfect view of the waves crashing up against the shore – each one ignited by the moon-light. Earlier this week decided last minute that I wanted to drop everything and fly to Chicago next day. So I booked my flight, packed my bags, and …

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Jan 10

Help! I’m in a Third World Country….

What is with no where taking Credit Card here? The first hotel I stayed in even at 230 Euros a night was like the closet I keep My shoes in. Hello I am NOT a hamster! The hotel I am staying in right now is absolutely unreal. Much more suited to My tastes. I’m dying …

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Jan 08

The sky is raining diamonds

I’m having a lot of fun in Edmonton. I mean it is kinda like hick Canada whatever but the mall is huge and I am doing so much shopping. It really makes me laugh when I go to 5 star restaurants on My slaves wallets how people stare. The restaurant is filled with like lame …

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